Five Things



Reduced human contact
forces one to look for friendship

closer to home -
in the home

Love the house centipedes
for they are allies

Love the snakes under the porch
they are in this with us

Love the treetops especially the treetops
who speak whenever spoken to

Love the stone that beckons

During my first moments of enchantment
I had a passing thought:
“What if I am in danger?”
Entertaining that thought
would break the spell of wonder
so I banished it
Buh Bye thoughts of danger!
Hello my dear friends state of wonder!

“What is this feeling?” I asked myself that first time

Hours later
worrying about this and that
I understood

it was the absence of fear

Lucky me!
While so much of the world lives in fright
I feel less fear

When I open my mouth to speak
I know a clarity of thought
a certainty of being
unimpeded by judgment of, or by, others
and surprise!
out comes what needs to be said

I have given myself permission to stand apart
from everyone and everything that binds me

As I untie these binds
I see they are all illusion
easily shed
The controls slide from my wrists -
caresses now -
they want to be free too

I saw many problems
Now I see none

I move forward
with purposeful efficiency
back to our beginning

Pure Love

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This is my answer to @ecotrain's Question of the Week. I thought to write about only five things, but, as writing often goes, I went into the wild blue yonder and there are far more than five here. An infinite number in fact.

There are always blessings, always. There is always joy. Covid has helped me find joy in specks of dust.
Join me.

The image is mine.

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