Ecotrain Question of the week Season 7: #3 What is beauty?


Beauty is all a man desired, I could remember back then in 2013 when I met a friend, she was so beautiful that I hardly took my mind over her, her presence was all I could ever asked for and want, each time she came to me, I am always happy and great, back then my joy was nothing without her, my thoughts could fly but go to no other place than her.

Moreover, she was my joy, my life and my source of happiness, it was then I realized that love and beauty works hand in hand because that which moves is love by you and looking deeper you would note that it comes as a result of beauty.

Beauty is brightness, because bi could also remembered that back then her face was the brightest I could ever set my eyes on and always dreamed that bi needed no other than that face.

But when depart from one another my I became lost and my beauty was no where to be found, but as times goes on life brought us together again, then I realized beautiful things bare always beautiful no matter the time and duration taking it will always remain beautiful.

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