Ecotrain Question of the week - Season 6 #6: Who are the most relevant people of our time to you?

My name is Emmanuel Oscar Power from Nigeria, I am 29 years old, the relevant people's of our time to me are Christiano Ronaldo, Messi and Drake.


Christiano Ronaldo is a footballer who has great skills in football and his widely known as far as football soccer is concern,


Christiano Ronaldo is from Portugal, he played Number seven that's is why you easily seen people wear C7 this days, his efforts in football is so great up to the point that people don't call him by namy anymore but by his Acronyms C7.



In Portugal is country home is statue is everywhere due to his great work and effort put in football and in helping that lives of others.


Messi is also a great man and a good football when it's comes to football, he is from Argentina, that's why I easily hear people argue about his football abilities with that of Christiano Ronaldo,


to me they both had good skills and play tremendously in football game, Messi has also had many honor in football as that of C7


he has score Mani goals as Christiano Ronaldo. Thereafter,


Drake is a music star, his songs are so good that he can't my stay a year without bey recognize in one way or the other, few days at, he was mentioned by billboard as the best artiste of the decade,


He is a Canadian pop star.


Drake has had many awards in years back, he was once nominated and also surfacing the best top 100 songs which he surface at number one spot.

Lastly, I will never forget my mom, you know what she has been my source of inspiration from day one, she is also one of the relevant people of out time to me and Same goes to the people have come in contact with, especially friends and family and my favourite hivians you all have also contributed immensely.


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