QOTW: What is intimacy to you? Do you need it to be happy? How do you fulfill your intimacy needs.. especially during COVID19?by @ecotrain

Intimacy is a feeling between two people but it doesn't mean that it's all about sex. It is the way how you render trust to someone and being trusted. There would be an intimidating relation arises through intimacy from certain friends or family members.

Whitey is intimidating the young kitten, they are animal, how much more the people?

For me, during my 7 years of marriage, I really treasured the intimacy of my husband. He did everything that we need being husband and wife. Not knowing that it was just a short period of time for us. We were living straight for 7 years day and night.

After that, my destiny brought me away from them, both my husband and child. I stayed here in a distance and one day he died. It was too painful. To be true, the first time I was away from my husband, I didn't sleep quickly. I was too young at 27 years of age. It's normal to have my desires for my husband and as a mother to my only son who was 7 years old.

I was almost got insane. My body weight was reduced from 65 to 48 kilos. I knew the reason why. It was probably so painful but I survived.

At that moment, there was no mobile phone or telephone calling abroad was too expensive. We were just connected by a mailing letter in the post office. The letter from the Philippines didn't arrive quickly and it stayed 1 month in the post office or two months unless the owner of the post office box will go to claim the letter.

I really missed my partner and my son. No communication could harm us in our feeling. It was a very bad situation being away from my family.

The most painful part

When he died, we were both 34 years old. I was too young but I didn't have intimidated by another man. There were so many temptations but I prefer to be alone until now.

That's how I survived with the loss of intimacy in my life.

How Do I fulfill my intimacy during covid19?

Intimacy is important to us, we need a relationship that makes us happy. After a long time of being alone and lonely, I gave myself the freedom to find a way that makes my lifestyle change.

Before, I kept myself busy for 24 hours just to ignore the intimidating moment that came to my mind. I wanted to go to my bed so tired and slept at once after a minute my back laid to my bed.

But now, it's a big difference. I have so many friends who intimidate me. They trusted me for some reason and I trusted them likewise. If we have a problem, we shared it together by talking on the phone or the easiest way is chatting.

Intimacy made me happy with my friends and family. During the covid19 pandemic, most of the people are intimidating their partner through a phone call. It's the safest way. I don't know how about the couple couping up their urge and body desires. Please excuse me on this matter because aside from being old enough I don't have any sexual desires as well. Let us pass the question to all the young couples around. I hope they will tell us the real story. Don't be shy, it's an educational matter that we need to know.

The pandemic is still going on, don't kiss your wife or your children and I advise you to send flying kisses with your smiling eyes. If I were you, it is already enough to be being safe.

If you want something more than that, please use a mask, face shield, and gloves not only to your hand but also to the only one.

I'm not joking but it is the necessary measure to fulfill your feeling of intimacy between couples.

For some friends, be careful and observe social distancing. Phone calls are so safe in talking even at home.

Thank you @ecotrain. I hope you find my blog interesting.

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