QOTW:What changes would you like to see happen after Covid19?"

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There are so many things people should do and not only the government would make it. If we help each other we could easily recover from the loss we had during the lockdown.

Anyway, coronavirus19 is a kind of disease that killed thousands and there's news that it killed millions. I don't know what is the exact story. It kills people all over the crowded world. It kills human but it healed the universe.

Who is to blame? If it is true that this is a man-made virus? Why they did it? Perhaps, they made it as a silent killer rather than making a bomb. I'm not an expert person who knows the truth.

Whatever it is, I already knew a long time ago according to the Bible that we have to pass the 7 great tribulations before the coming of our Saviour God. If it is true, what should we do? How could we change it? Or how could people take the chances if we survive and overcome the way of life we have now?

Taking a chance to change

Basically, the best part of partaking the changes after the disappearance of the coronavirus is to continue the self-discipline during the lockdown. Let us give importance to the good health of our human body. Let us continue the awareness. It's time to give the value of the earning we have that sometimes we just used extravagantly. Let us know how to save for the rainy days ahead of our way.

On the other hand, if we have more than enough to buy a little farmland, it will be necessary for us to do it. The coronavirus became an eye-opener if you have to see the reality. Don't be blind while your two eyes are both healthy to see supposedly. Some people are too lazy and so happy for the giveaways from the government and private sectors. I appreciated most to the helping hands who extend their help but sad to see that there are abuses as I heard from the news. They used the money for gambling and just today, I saw a woman went to the salon for beautification from the government financial aid. So disgusting and this is the part of the people to have a big change to their mindset.

Today is the best time to plan to go back to the old lifestyle. Let us educate the growing children to play with the soil in the farmland. Remove gadgets on their social life and teach them the basic way of planting vegetables and herbs. Let us explain to them that the dirt of the soil could save life much more than money will do. Yes, I agree that farming still needs money.

It's time to save the mother earth, save the world for the future of our innocent children. The children today have a big difference from the children of yesterday.

It's never too late. God will give us a chance and we can surpass this kind of trial in our life. He will give us chances to change the way how we deal with our lifestyle.

And the most important change we should apply to ourselves is to be grateful to what God has given to us. Let us know how to pray, how to forget if someone trespass against us. Let us open our hearts to accept forgiveness and an open arm to help one another.

When Novel coronavirus19 will disappear, let us begin the love we should share with all humans and the mother earth.

We can go anywhere we go and do what we want but we should always remember the procedures and discipline during the lockdown period of time.

We can do it and make the world be born again. We could win this game if we do something better and the best.

Thank you @ecotrain and this is my answer to your question this week.

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