QOTW BY @Ecotrrain Season 6: Stress Busting

Happy Monday people! I'm hoping you all the best after Lenten Week.


I think all the people in this world are experiencing the stressful situation of the world. If we have to think it over and over again, it will ruin our focus on the thing around us. But, God gave us a brain to keep on winning the battle of life. If you don't feel stress, you are a nonsense person. How could you be staying relax while the people around are struggling with the pandemic? You are too heartless if we don't feel with the people. The pandemic is just one of my examples. For me, it is normal that I feel stress as long as the reason has values. Because I know how to handle it and I know how to settle down a stressful moment.

How to bust stressful moments?

Every day, I can't deny that before and after sleeping, the word stress and anxiety are already in front of my eyes. Even though my eyes are close, it already appears in my but I combat it with full of force and energy;

  • I cried to release the pain deep inside.
  • I pray in silence while crying.
  • Chatting with friends who have a positive outlook on life.
  • Call my family back home.
  • Talk to my grandchildren.
  • I wrote in this platform my real feeling.

Those are the things I did as my first aid when stress attack me.

And the best part of what I did is singing one or two songs every day. I did it in October after my birthday and it worked out well.

I would like to sing you a song now and heartily dedicated to @ecotrain community members. It is a Tagalog song sang by a band ASIN It is all about the environment and I think it is fitted to this community. I will copy and paste the English translation so you could relate to the song well.

English lyrics:

Watch the Environment

Have you notice anything
in your environment?
The air has gone polluted.
Even so our children.

Progress isn't a bad thing,
and we have come a long way with it
But look at the waters of the seas
before they were blue but have already turned to black
Do not let all the dirt we have made and scattered into the air reach the heavens
So when we are gone, we will only have fresh air to breathe in heaven

There is only one thing I'm asking for,
that when I die I hope it will be during the rainy season
With me, I'll bring my guitar, so together, all of us will sing upon the clouds

Those children that are born today,
Will they still have the air to breathe?
Will they still have the trees to climb up on?
Will they still have rivers for them to swim into?

Why don't we think about what's happening to our environment?
Progress isn't a bad thing if it does not harm our nature
There will come a time, even those birds will have nowhere to perch on
Look at that tree that has stood there robust for a very long time, now dying because of our foolish actions

All of the things that exist on this earth are all blessings from God even before you're still not here
Let us take care of it, and protect it because if He will take it back from us, we will all be gone.


Here are 16 simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety.
Exercise. Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to combat stress. ...
Consider supplements. ...
Light a candle. ...
Reduce your caffeine intake. ...
Write it down. ...
Chew gum. ...
Spend time with friends and family. ...


We should avoid living with the stress feeling overpowered our sanity. There are a lot of things to diversify our moment and be happy. Make some laughter and giggles. Keep on busy with all the households task and we could find accomplishments at the end of the day.

At the same time, I would like to share this post also to the @naturalmedicine community as my #mentalawareness for everyone.

This is my entry for the challenge today by our beloved @ecotrain.

Thank you and Hive On!

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