Ecotrain QOTW: What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

How's your day my fellow hivers? For me here, we are experiencing two weeks of rainy days with roaring thunderstorms and lightning.


Anyway, let us talk about the question of the week.

Despite the sacrifices in life, there are things that I have been successful in and there are many more bad things that I would have disliked. But I don’t have the right and ability to stop everything for what would have happened are the things we desire and dream of.

What characteristic should I release?

I will admit to being very compassionate and understanding. My emotions are weak. I am easily carried away by pleas even if the result is not good for me. I'm the person I want them to be happy with, it's not bad that I'm not there as long as I put them first. I know this is not good because the right thing to do is to lift yourself first, clean your yard before you clean others. Well, I am not doing that. I just meant to say is thatt to say is that I'm good at advising others. One of my close friends told me that I have a special characteristic of having a word of wisdom. As I understood them and gave advice, my heart ached and it made me crying. How fast my tears are dripping. Being able to cry has sometimes caused misunderstandings and I was even mistaken for being a lunatic.

The thing I want to release is being emotional. I love my friend too much but she forgotten me and I was affected. It caused me so much pain. Another one is my love for my boss's youngest daughter. It is the reason why I didn't come home to my hometown until now. This feeling is what I want to release. So that if I decided to go home I won't be in trouble and pain. I want to neutralize myself. I remember before, when I had a business, I was down because of my uncontrolled understanding to all my customers. Now, I only realized.

Being a good person is the best but if it will hurt you in the end, please let us remove some portion on it and move on.Let us give an equal percentage to both side. Do not give too much because I already have experienced it in my life.

That"s all I can say. Thank you @ecotrain.

Hive on and Keep Safe!


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