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Everyone wants to be happy and everyone deserves to be happy. But not everyone of us can actually achieve that at the end of the day because we all have that one thing that keeps holding us back. We really want this happiness and it's not like we are preventing ourselves from getting this happiness on purpose but our life choices keep dragging us back from getting the happiness we truly deserve.

Life is beautiful and it can be ugly too, but it all depends on the choices we make in our lives. Things can be really tough for us, but in the end, many of us always make things even more difficult for ourselves. We really just have to embrace life and live life in the most simplest of ways, if we can do do this, we will always be happy.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO LET GO OF? That's the EcoTrain question of the week. I must say, season 7 have been presenting us with amazing questions that are really thought provoking, these questions always make me ask myself deep questions. What do I really need to let go of? Well, anyone that know me well, knows that I'm a very free fellow, sometimes you look at me and you will think I don't have any problems or you will think I'm always happy. Well, I do have problems and I am not always happy, but one thing I know is, I always know how to bring myself back to the light.

In today's post, I will be sharing some things I honestly need to free myself of, I have been working on these things and I am getting better but I know they are still there an I need to let go of them completely in other for me to get the best version of my life. When you don't let go, you get trapped and you know what that means right? Your freedom is no longer there, in other to be free inside, you just have to let go of those things that are trapping you. So, here are some of the things I feel I need to let go off, well some I need to channel them in the right direction while others I just have to let go of them completely.


This is really a happiness killer, I am a deep thinker, I have this habit of always overthinking stuffs. Well, sometimes they are productive thoughts and other times I'm just worrying. It's the worrying part I don't like and I have been doing a great job trying to cut it off. Like, even when I don't want to think about something my mind always find a way to drag me to that thing and I will think about it for a long time. Overthinking honestly does not solve anything, hence I device a way to always free myself of this, instead of thinking too much I do things that actually help solve the problem. Take a deep breath and free your mind, it will be over soon, that's what I always tell myself.

Self Doubt

Ever hear the saying that, your best friend and also your biggest enemy is you? Well, I wouldn't lie, some of the things I'm doing today, are things I would have done many years ago, but I was too busy doubting myself, telling myself it wouldn't work and it turns out I was wrong, they are actually working. Me having doubt in myself, sometimes making myself feel inferior makes me less happy. I have been fighting a war with this part of myself for a long time, but so far, the positive side is winning, but sometimes I still have self doubt which is not good. I really want to let go of this completely, hence I started telling myself I CAN, I stopped seeing the failed part of things. Believing in myself helped me discover more about myself, I really just want to eliminate every self doubt inside of me and I know it's achievable.

The Past

Sad truth, I still hold on to my past. Not all of them, just one. There is one part of my past I still can't free myself from, and that's me loosing my mother. I still mourn every June 4th of every year and I have been doing this since 2007. I was so attached to that woman, maybe because the love the showed me no one have ever show me that kind of love (more like I have not allow anyone show me that kind of love because I'm scared she will fade out of my memory 😒😒). Memories with her are all I have (okay, and her wrappers too, even though they are old I still keep them and cover with them every night😔). So it's really difficult letting go, I always run from relationships because I just wouldn't let myself love another the way I love my mom and even when they show me love, I always find a way to push people away (my mind always create this idea that they want to steal my mother's love away from me, that sound weird but that's how attached I am with my late mom). Well, I noticed this and I have been trying to free myself, I know she want that for me. Unlike other years, this year is the only year I was not moody throughout JUNE, yes thoughts of her were in my head, but I only kept happy thoughts, because I noticed something about myself, I'm like a magnet, the energy I give out is always what I attract back to myself. When I'm angry, I notice how it rub those persons around me, and when I am happy also I notice the light I leave on people's face. So, this year, I was happy in the month of JUNE, I guess it's a step to freeing myself from my past. I just have to release that attachment and always remind myself that each day is a new day.

Worrying About The Future

As much as I want to let go of my past, I really need to stop worrying about my future. I know I have a very bright future but I worry too much about it. I really don't know what tomorrow will bring, sometimes I get so worried to the point that I really just want a sneak peek to what's there for me, and while I'm busy worrying about it, I realize it slow me down from actually living now. It is good to plan for a better future but worrying about how that future will turn out should not be in the program and that's one issue I have and it's something I need to let go. I told myself, I just have to take it one day at a time and since I started taking things one step at a time, I have been able to solve more problems. I just need to let the universe work and live in the present.

Negative Thoughts

So far so good, I will say I have been able to work on this. This one is already a great work in progress, but I still have to mention it because some fraction of it is still there and I will love to eliminate it completely. This days, I just stay positive all the time, do I talk or think about the problem? No I don't, because doing that always attract negative thinking. Do I ignore the problem then? No I don't, doing that means the problem will just be waiting there for me to think about it. So, exactly what do I do? I solve it! I understand that whenever I choose to get productive to solve a problem, all the negative vibes leave and so much positivity comes in, and you get the best ideas when you are positive. Instead of complaining about the problem which will lead to negative thinking, I just look for the solutions. But then, I'm human, there are some days where I just get lost in those negative thoughts, the good thing is, I always find and get myself out of those thoughts.


This one should have been number one in my list. Although it is also a work in progress, but I really need to let go of this completely. The solution I gave to myself for this problem is me always telling myself that, my time is now, if I can do it today, there is no need keeping it till tomorrow. But it is still a bad habit, a lot of persons struggle with this, and I want to be among those persons that don't have to struggle will this. I really want to let go of this so I can be free.

Happiness is a choice. If you choose to hold on to things that will stop you from being happy, then you will stay in one place for the rest of your life. Be happy so you can be free, let go and let God .

This is my entry to ecoTrain's Question Of The Week Season 7 #4 and the question for this week is WHAT DO YOU NEED TO LET GO OF? This is actually a very late entry to this week's question, and I have been procrastinating all these while🤦🤦. I always say I will write it, I will write it, that's how I almost miss this week, but I'm glad I was able to fight it and here is my contribution now.

By the way, let me welcome all my amazing readers to this beautiful month, apart from my birth month (February), August is now my second favourite month, because 14 days from now, I will be having my HIve Birthday 🥳🥳🥳🥳. Yes, my Hive account will be a year old on the 15th of August, I am so excited but deep down I don't know what to share on that day. It has been one beautiful journey, but most importantly I have learnt a lot here.

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