We are all susceptible to stress in one way or another. It isnt something we can avoid totally as breathing and active beings. However, for some people like myself, it is very important to manage stress in an effective way to allow me live a balanced life.

I often pride myself on being a workaholic. Mostly I overwork my body depriving it of quality rest and this usually has its drawbacks as it should. One of such drawbacks is that I lose motivation and enter a long spell of inactivity.

So I try to manage my stress level to ensure that I sharp at every given point in time. This enables me to maintain an optimal level of productivity.

Asides from being productive, keeping a low-stress level ensures that one lives a quantity life and stays enthusiastic. This helps in keeping other aspects of one’s life in check.

Below are some of the ways i control my stress level:


I really cannot overemphasize the importance of sleeping well. This is something I used to trivialize as a workaholic. I would work myself late into the night and wake up the next morning feeling like a total mess.

I would continue this pattern of sleep deprivation for a prolonged period of time until I breakdown mentally and physically. Also during this period, I tend to produce low-quality content and often time miss my target.

One thing I have learnt recently is that there is time to do the right time. Oftentimes we tend to fill our lives with activities, even irrelevant ones and overtime start to neglect the important tasks.

When time is managed properly there is enough time for rest. So the goal is to prioritize and have a proper schedule. Follow a healthy routine and sleep at regular intervals, at least 6-7 hours per day.


Another way I deal with stress is by writing. Sometimes ambiguity is a major cause of stress. When people lack clarity of purpose they tend to be overly random, following strange paths and end up overworking themselves mentally.

I write for clarity. It is a beautiful way to think and introspect. It puts the affairs of your life into logical frameworks easy to deduce and manipulate. So I would advise that you write often. Plus, on the hive blockchain, you get paid for it.


Most times you need time away from all your major stressors and they include work, family, friends, etc some times you just need to be alone in space and slow things down.

For me, I like to take my Saturdays off. I try to do as much as possible on Fridays and take the entire Saturday off and do whatever I see fit. this might involve taking a bottle of wine or watching a movie like I seldomly do. Whatever the case might be, I ensure that i am relaxed.

So these are the few ways I manage stress. I hope you find these tips useful. cheers!

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