ecoTrain Question Of The Week #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

Here is my response to a very interesting question @ecotrain has for us. You can check out the original post for more details and everyone is welcomed to participate with their own response.


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First of all, let's talk a little bit about past lives and what happens after we die. When it comes to things like these, I choose to be open to possibility it is real but at the same time I'm not 100% positive - I don't really think too much about it but I do like the idea we lived past lives and when we are gone (physically) from this planet, there is still something from us left, that goes on to another circle of life, another experience and/or form. Some people might say that's our imagination making these posibilities about past lives or that we are affraid of death so it's comforting to think that our soul or spirit is going to live on forever...

I've seen a few stories on the Internet about kids who talk about what we call past lives. They talk about people they knew or places they lived in or how they died in the life before this one. I find this quite intriguing and interesting. I've never had experience like this but I do feel strange attraction to some things, places and cultures that "came out of nowhere". I think that a lot of us experienced traveling somewhere and having this feeling like we're at home. I would love to hear your opinions and beliefs about this topic.

Finally my answer to this week's question

If I could choose, I think I would still like to be human in my next life. Since I am very introverted, terrified of public speach and quite shy, I would like to be a total opposite - confident in public speach, outgoing, starting conversations first, approaching people, maybe even be a little bit loud but not annoying, lol. Maybe I would even like to be a man in my next life. Definitely someone who's talented in art, most likely singing or painting. I guess what I'm going for is an extravagant artist life. :D Another opposite to my life now, I would choose being born and raised in the city. If not in human form, I would definitely choose to be an animal but it's hard for me to pick one. Maybe a dog - a puppy that grew up with a child so we can be best friends. I also like the idea of being a bird, just so I can fly and be free.

I really let my imagination go wild with this one and it was kind of fun to think and write about this topic. I don't take this too seriously and like I mentioned, this is not something I think about often. That's probably why this question caught my attention as something new to write about. I'm looking forward to more interesting questions like this one. Thank you @ecotrain for the initiative and thank you all for reading! Have an amazing weekend in this life, while we are still here... :D


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