ecoTrain QOTW: "What changes would you like to see happen after Covid19"

Honestly I would not like to see much of change after the Covid19 if I had a choice, but then that's not possible. We have reached to such roads in the history of humanity with this experience that when this gets over (hopefully) we may find ourselves into a complete different world. The other side of the fence. The grass always looks green on the other side, but we all know that when you get on the other side, reality hits. Things are not going to be the same for a very long time.

Mass unemployment's, economic crash downs, businesses dissolving, companies filing for bankruptcy and what not. How can we ever become normal or we can also expect that things will be fine. The damage is huge and irreversible for many. In the bargain of saving lives from the virus many will lose lives due to hunger and other health conditions, specially in the third world countries. A lot of people mental health will be effected due to a stretched lock down period. Domestic violence cases are already at a rise. All very very sad reality that we will need to face.

I do not wish to think negative ever but when we look at the reality my heart sinks. I do not fear the virus but I am concerned and worried about the after effects of the whole condition. A lot of uncertainty and a obscured view for now, but one thing I do not want is to get vaccinated or chipped for any reasons.


The only one thing that I want to see happen after Covid19 is to have my Freedom as it is what I have now. I know a lot of people do not still believe that this whole Corona Virus condition is man made with an agenda of enslaving humanity and with the agenda of Bill Gates Depopulation globally, but I am convinced with all the material that I have come across and yes chronologically we are falling into one after other events that were predicted way before this happened, so this gives me all the more shivers, thinking about the outcome that these monsters desire.

While generally a lot of people will also have new sense and awakening from this whole experience, which will make them stand up for their rights and humanity. I want to feel safe, I want to feel free, I want to go out freely to my favorite places without being tracked, I want to be out with my friends, no more social distancing, no more policing, after the Covid19 ends.
From the economic standpoint a lot of after effects, may be rise in taxes. A curb on availability of many commodities. A lifestyle modification may also be possible. We have never faced a problem of this magnitude so it is very difficult to say what's in store but for sure it is not at all going to be very pleasant. We may have to pay higher prices for a lesser value or services for many things.

But again in all of this, I want people to hold understanding towards each other, I want people to be more compassionate for each other. We may see that the small time vendors may increase prices of their commodities but let's not bargain with them, because the losses they are facing is much much more then we can imagine.


We are at a point with a lot of uncertainty, all we can do right now is act sensibly, not get fearful of everything that the media keeps showing about the virus. Be in control of the Mental health and when this situation ends the one important thing is to be in control and not go overboard with anything due to the lack of it for a very long time.
I would want to see people taking it sensibly in public places and not go crazily crowding places.

All I want is to see people maintaining Sanity at all levels. Would want to see people wake up to understand what's in their best interest and stand up for it. I am seeing a lot of people standing up against the Vaccination and Depopulation agenda which was not the case before. More and more people are realizing that how important their Freedom is and I want to see this spark spread out in huge numbers, reaching out for that realization in every single person on this planet who have good intentions towards humanity.

While the virus had brought in a lot of turmoil, there are some good also that it has brought in, which is the pollution levels have come down, We are experiencing a better quality air. Nature has become clean and I wish that after this ends the care of Mother Earth is taken in the same manner and we become more mindful of our actions towards our Mother Earth. Our Mother Earth has been a silent witness to a lot of our wrong doings, we have depleted our natural resources like there's no tomorrow. I wish that her restlessness eases out with this break and that she is rejuvenated with fresh energy. We become compassionate towards our Mother Earth and every single living being on this planet.


The other important thing I want to see is people becoming more mindful about their diet and health. By now we have all understood how much immunity plays a role in this situation. People with good immunity have not been impacted much and hence it is so important to realize this that building up on high level of immunity is going to keep us safe from all ailments.

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