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It's very rightly said, each situation brings it's own share of opportunities. While there is a lockdown all across and everyone feels confined in their homes, this also is a time to catch up on many things that we always wished for. Remember how many times we made this statement in past "Wish I had some time to do my own things and spend time on my ownself" So this is the time, If not now then when?


Well for me this time of my life is going to be the most memorable one. I have mentioned earlier also that I have been busy with my husband's treatment since the last 3 months and it is still going on. We are facing unexpected downs time and again but then there is an overall progress also happening. We need to show a lot of patience while going through this journey.
So to think of it; How is this time going to be memorable for me?
From the past 1 month I am at the hospital. Staying at the hospital is all together a very different experience. I am coming across so many people with different types of ailments. Taking care of my hubby is one story but then along with it, the other experiences and learning that I am gathering is vast.

For 2 weeks when he was in the ICU, I had to stay out in the family waiting lounge and meet him during the visiting hours. In the family lounge I would come across all different types of people who I have never met and connecting for the first time. Some of them are fighting extreme battles for their loved ones, Some are financially drained out dealing with the health issues, some are strong mentally whereas some are weak. I would see people crying and everyday, every hour, every minute there is a mental action happening. So much of emotions are always at play. At one point of time I would see a person consoling an another one and later the same person breaks down.
I have met so many different types of people, it's not something new, we are always meeting new people but the difference here is all of these people including me are going through the most trying circumstances of life. Some are cheerfully facing it and some are feeling too much burden of it. Some are lovingly attending their loved ones, whereas some are doing it just out of duty.


People would come and go and everyone had a story. It would just feel like a one big family. We would have our meals together, I also started making them do Yoga and Meditation. That was one good thing.
For me these memories are going to stay for life, where not knowing anyone and still developing a strong bond. A real time and place of compassion. One thing I learned is in times of adversities human touch and care is very important.
Because of the lockdown every patient was allowed only 1 family attendant with them. So people would feel lonely at times and in such circumstances when someone gives a helping hand it makes so much of difference.

The other side of this period for me is also learning a lot about health. First of all with my husband's own health fluctuations everyday I would learn something new. I have been spending a lot of time with the Doctors learning how our physical body functions. I am also spending this time doing lot of reading.
Overall I feel this is a big time learning period for me, not only learning about health but also understanding life in depth. We take things so causally not realizing how it is impacting our health. Maximum nights have been sleepless for me in this phase but one thing also I realized that we can be challenged to any limits in life. Our capabilities are amazing, we underestimate. We feel it may not be possible for us, but when we are put through these circumstances we can see the magic happening. We will know our tolerance limit which is just immeasurable.

I never thought that I would be able to do this, fight such a long battle with my hubby. Many a times I thought that physically it may not be possible for me, but then every time I would see that there was some hidden strength that would emerge and keep me on the go.
Life has no certainty, we may have some plans but there would be something very different happening.
For me this period is of a life long strong memory. Also this time has strengthened my bonding with my hubby. It's not there we had a weak relation or bonding, if that was the case I would have withdrawn time and again. But this is a lot about emotional bonding.

Life sometimes puts us through situations for us to learn our weak lessons. We are put through this to grow, to mature and to understand life better.
I am not sure if the worst is over for us or not, but one thing is for sure, that we will keep fighting this till we conquer. And this one month has kept on teaching me this time and again. In short "Never give up"

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