ecoTrain QOTW Season 5 #2: What can we do to prepare our self for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave our home or move location?

This week @ecoTrain comes up with yet one more thought provoking question What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?

The whole of last year has taught us many many lessons not only in terms of taking care of our health but also taught us some lessons on developing our basic survival skills. People like me who are living in the busiest cities have very less control on the city operations, there is not much choice left but to follow the orders that come through from the top. Rather I will not even say choices, there is no way out only in the first place. There was a point when the basic necessities of life were also becoming one struggle to get, and when you would get it you had to pay a premium price for it. Many people lost their jobs. Almost everyone had their own battle in some or the other way.
And the good thing is with all these challenges people started looking out for options where they would have minimal or no dependability.


Something clearly came up in these times, was to prepare our self in a way where we can get our basic food items, and with that a lot of people have started taking up growing some basic food in their gardens. And I think this is the most important thing, if we have something to fall back on in our own space even in times when the whole of outside is closed it would not be difficult to survive with your own home grown food.

But when we live in cramped up cities, not all of us have the luxury of space to do so, which is again another one challenge but then for the ones who have it, they should surely make an effort. Till last year I had never put a serious thought on this as a means of survival but now I think about it. I was also contemplating on if I should have a home outside the city in some quite area with a little farming space, I was not sure about it, but now I am very sure and it is on my to do list soon. These things do not happen overnight and we need to plan.

Otherwise also, stocking up some imperishable food items is also one necessity in this time. Like pulses, grains, spices, meat and whatever that can be stocked up for a minimum of 5 to 6 months. Everything can stop but just to survive we need food, the most basic thing of life. So if we are prepared with it then it would become easier to sustain these lockdowns without having to leave the house.

My first home grown vegetable, and I am trying a lot more, which can be easily grown in my balcony. It's a very small space, but now it's full and I feel happy to see my plants growing

In my personal observation I would suggest that the families should live together as much as possible. When I say family it does not mean just the husband, wife and children, but also our parents. These are difficult times specially for the old people, and if they are living alone and far, it would be extremely challenging to reach them if there is any help they would need. And yes they would surely need help in many ways, so it's better that the family stays together to be there for each other in every possible way.

One more important thing is about our another livelihood i.e. your job. These are the most extremely challenging times for jobs, and so many people have lost their jobs. I would suggest that if we can start identifying alternate means of income, which can be easily done from home. Like just what we are doing here on HIVE. Identifying work for ourselves which can be done from home and getting some reasonable returns to sustain is also a need of the hour. I am sure if we put our brains we can identify something or the other.

This year I have gone completely work from home in all my projects and I really feel safe in terms of my income. Not everyone may be able to do that in their jobs but then identifying something alternate that could be done from home and getting income would be one great step towards personal freedom. Like people who have some expertise with some skills like dancing, yoga, art work or anything can use that by going online and teaching. It's the best way of making use of the technology. We do underestimate ourselves but all of us do have some ability, it's just about harnessing it.


Being at home all the time, not everyone can handle it the same way. A lot of people are getting into depression because of not being able to go out with friends, meet their family members, or just go out in open space. So we also need to prepare ourselves to tackle that part of it. Technology again comes here in good use, where one can stay connected with their loved ones.

In the extreme lockdowns when we friends were not able to meet up, we would have these zoom group calls, and it used to be real fun and we could still be with each other while being far. Well nothing can compare the personal touch but still if there are no ways to meet then this also helps to a great extent in keeping our spirits high.

We can join some online classes of whatever our interest is there to keep our mind active. When we are at home daily it is very easy to slump down, so the most important thing is to set a disciplined routine for self. Like have our some daily exercise time, some time of the day can be set for some new learning. Thing is we need to keep our brain active to be healthy, because if that goes down then all the problems start.

In the times when going out was completely banned which we had for around 2 weeks, this became my walking track. My building floor passage way. It definitely was not luring but it solved the purpose.

As I said these lockdowns have brought about a lot of change in our lifestyles and we have learned to be independent in many ways. We have learned to be self-sustained. We have learned to plan our days better and we have learned to be there for each other. We have learned to take good care of our health and so much more. Thing is Life has to still go on, so it is upto us how we want to shape up our days rather then keep worrying all the time about when is this going to end.

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