ecoTrain QOTW S4E6: What is Your Hole In The Bucket?

A wonderful once again soul searching question put up by @ecotrain.

What is your hole in the bucket?

Well I have really never thought much on this, but yes I am aware that there are certain things about me that sometimes I wish would be an other way and I can change it for me.


There are 2 things that I feel are a "Hole in my Bucket"
The first one is;

I try to see good in everyone - I always like to see the good in people, be it even if it is very little or even if the person may have done a lot of wrong. My mind always goes in the direction that what has made the person like this. The person may have gone through some very extreme situations to become bitter or for the person to take a wrong road in life. And this is a fact, a lot of time very bitter experiences of life do change the path of people. Everyone do not have the same mental health or the capacity to undergo difficult situations of life and hence one can succumb to the pressures of life.

I always like to give that benefit to the person and even if there is any little good I would like to see that good in the person and encourage.

But, yes I have personally experienced that people do take advantage of this nature. There are times when I have been used for their advantage and then they have disappeared. Now in a way sometimes I also see this as a learning for my own growth.

The most traumatic experience I faced was when I had to do my house renovation and I gave a contract to one of the person who was just trying to set his foot in the business. I was warned of his behavior but then I thought no I should give him the boost in his business, if no one does, how will he grow, and since my network is large and strong, I had told him that it will help him in future. So with lot of faith I went ahead, but then eventually he cheated me with money. My husband suggested we make a police complaint but again my heart was here not ready. I felt somewhere that this was a learning for me and I do not know under what circumstances he must have cheated me. Though it was a lot of emotional trauma for me but then somewhere I felt if I would make a police complaint then things would get ruined up for him in future just for a little money of mine.

I know sometimes that the person will do wrong to me, but then I still want to give them a chance, thinking that the goodness will take over them, but yes my calculations do go wrong at times. That does not mean that everyone is same, I have really seen people transforming also with this behavior and this little hope keeps me going with what I am and I do not think that I will change.


Helping people with Money for their Medical condition -
This is one another part of my life, where I cannot say No, for sure with what is in my capacity. I cannot go beyond my capacity. If anyone reaches out to me for a Medical help then this is something that becomes very difficult for me to deny. My heart goes all out when someone needs financial help to meet up on the medical expense.
I feel if I have the capacity I should reach out to people who are less fortunate and needs help.
But then again here there are a couple of times, where I have been cheated. Again my belief is that their karma will take care of them, but because of some such people I should not deprive the genuine ones also.
Though in the recent times I have become careful in who I am supporting. I do checks from my end and then take a decision.

Life is all about learning and growing. We just keep evolving with all these experiences of life, so it is good to have these Holes in our bucket. It will not only nourish others but our own self growth also.

I would love to read the response from @ecotrain community members and everyone outside the community are also invited to answer this QOTW.

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