ecoTrain QOTW : 'Is it right for governments to lie to us to control our behavior or prevent panic?'

The total disaster of our times that we are facing with so much of uncertainty and so much damage beyond imagination that we never ever thought that a disaster of this magnitude can ever happen globally with a Pandemic.
This is the WWIII, just the difference is that no weapons are being used here. The weapons are we humans in live form, guinea pigs or victims whatever one wants to say.


Governments across the world still keep talking about the origin of this virus, who has to be blamed and all. Bill gates foundation is on a strong foot to come up with a vaccine and fulfilling his depopulation agenda, UN says that globally the governments did not come together to fight against the Pandemic and everyone has taken their individual approach rather then a more consensual one and hence we have failed to tackle this situation effectively. WHO has it's own agenda. News channels throughout the day try to spice up the news and sell, Economist gives their own prediction on how the economies are going to suffer in the years to come. Lockdown keeps getting extended week after week.

Where is all of this leading to? Does common man have any idea? I guess NO.
Every elite organization, Government has set an agenda of their own and wanting to enforce it on people in the manner they desire.

Whole day the media goes on so many died due to the virus, so many more new cases of the virus blah blah and since people are in lockdown all the more they have easy access to the news and once they watch all this garbage their mind keeps going around it. People are gripped in the fear and who is spreading this fear? The Governments, the media.


What is the biggest LIE the Governments are telling us?
According to me it is "That they are doing things to protect our lives from the Virus".
I feel this is utter rubbish.
Let's see these numbers
Tuberculosis alone kills around 1.5 million people every year. Just in India 2.5 million suffer from TB every year and 4.30 people die in it.
TB is spread from one person to another through the Air, but there has never been a lockdown all this time because of TB which also spreads very quickly just with a inhalation of the few germs released in the Air.

Hundreds of Thousands of children die due to malnutrition every year and no one cares about it. And then the Governments say they care for human life. They cannot take care of the basic needs of children.

There are end number of sources who have proved that Corona is not as fatal as it is made, but no Government is wanting to listen to this. The only focus they have is to get a vaccine out and inject masses.
People who are healthy are being confined in their homes for a extended period of time and this is creating more unhealthy environment for them. People have started getting into depression, domestic violence is at a rise, but no one even wants to take a look at all of this, or rather I can say conveniently they have given deaf ears and being blind to everything around that is happening.

Bill Gates is planning to make Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for the new borns. Fetal tissues are being used in vaccines, so is this really all about the virus. Where are we leading to. YouTube and FB pulls down content mentioning violating community guidelines. Who sets these community guidelines? The Governments and the Elites, anything that goes against their agenda is violating guidelines .

The Governments are installing fear in a manner that will hook us up for our lives and our generations down the line. The newer generations will never know what Freedom in actual sense is because they will never see any from the beginning. Do we really want this to be our future?
I do not want this for my children and for their children and the future generations to come. Whatever the numbers are shown as death due to Covid-19, one must not panic.


I understand one thing very simple and clear in my life, when our death time comes, no one can stop it, then be it for the virus reasons or any other reason, so if one confines up with the fear of death, that is the most dangerous thing one does. If not the virus you will die with some other reason. And if it is not your time to die, no virus can bring any harm to you.

So people stop fearing and buying these lies that the Governments, elites, and these agencies want to spread out in the world. We are on a very thin line, if we do not realize that our freedom is at stake, we are going to lose it forever and ever and become walking dead people.

The Governments are not going to change, they will keep doing these things, that is their agenda. But it is important for us to not fall into these traps and save our freedom.
The normal new, I say why should it change in any other way except for being mindful about our nature and mother earth. I want my life to be the same, I do not want any other normal new.

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