ecoTrain QOTW - "If your were to meet with a wise person/sage what sort of questions would you ask?"

"If your were to meet with a wise person/sage what sort of questions would you ask?"

That's a very interesting question @eco-alex, this makes me think as to what all wisdom I want to tap into.
I have always been curious to gain esoteric knowledge and specifically related to life after death. I would assume that a sage would have been into meditation practices and gained good esoteric knowledge and to a great extent would have knowledge on this.


I have always been curious to learn about what happens after death, I know a lot of people think why should I waste my energy on knowing what's there beyond the veil when there is so much one first needs to understand about the life we are living right now. But then that's me, curiosity kills the cat and the more I read the more curious I get and this kind of keeps me pulling towards it. . I have mentioned this earlier also, that at one point of time Death was my biggest fear and it was to an extent that it would leave me restless for days and nights at times. And that was the time when this journey of mine began to understand what's there beyond the veil. I read a lot about Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, also on the cross overs. I want to understand do other worlds exist beyond our expectations. The last book I read was of Cyrus Kirkpatrick - Understanding Life After Death.

From all that I have read I understand that we exist parallely in multiple universes. So are we living in a giant hologram? When I first started reading I came across content like there are 7 planes that the souls can accelerate to until they can merge with the one final cosmic consciousness, but as I started dwelling deeper, I came across readings like there are multiples planes and just not 7, within the major planes there are minor ones also that the soul needs to progress through and the Cosmic consciousness is the experience of the soul. Just like in the physical body there are the major chakras which holds our life experiences and blueprints and then the minor chakras.
With a wise man I would like to sit and talk about these things. I would want to understand, do other worlds exist or it is just our perception and everything is born out of our imagination.
The life after death, what would it be like. A lot of reading says that it is more or less similar to the life on earth, with some exceptions like we do not overflow in emotions and that we do not hold negative virtues, we understand that Love is the only super power and nothing can stand in front of this power.
So upto what extent is all of this True?


Let me share something interesting with you all,
Last week I had connected with 1 psychic, while she was telling me things in general about my current situation and all, suddenly she paused and she told me, that my father wants to tell me something. My dad has passed away 20 years ago, and I have always felt his presence around me, so it was not much of a surprise to me, as this has happened before also, so I told her go on. The message she gave me was, that my father was telling me that I had some negative emotions held up for my mother in law which I need to release, and that she is sending her love to me. My mother in law had passed away 3 years ago and we did not have a very pleasant relationship. This message shook me up a bit, because I always felt that after my mother in law had passed away she was still not sending good energy to me. The psychic I was talking to never knew that both my father and mother in law had passed away, or that we had a unpleasant relation. It was my very first time talking to her. She also told me things about my past life, which I could strongly relate to my current life patterns.
This is my first hand experience so there was no making up of it in anyway.
I would surely like to have conversations with wise person who can dwell me deeper into this knowledge of the unknown. I do strongly believe that there is Life after Death, but then I have so many questions around it, which I would be glad to know the answers from someone who genuinely can help.

The other subject that I would want to understand better is the Karma cycle. Sometimes my mind fails to understand "Why is there so much of Suffering", Now a wise man will say, it is all Karma and the energy we spread and that's what I also believe to an extent, but sometimes my mind wonders that there are times of extreme difficulties in a person's life, why would one have to go through it so much also. If there is something called as God or a Super power, does that super power not feel sad and do something to assist. Or does he like to watch people in pain and agony. Is he some kind of a sadist? I have seen people suffering and breaking down to an extent of no return, that time my mind wonders, why so much also. Learning lessons, paying off karma is all accepted, but taking the person to an extent where the person feels helpless and wants to end life, what type of karma pay off is that?


My logical mind has all the explanation to it, but my emotions just cannot understand sometimes the extremities that one goes through till and extent that either one feels very helpless and may want to end the life or where one may get rebellious and take over on a wrong path. The saddest I feel is when small children are suffering. Infants, kids who have no control over anything, have no sense of right and wrong when they are put through the toughest situations, my heart bleeds and that is the time when sometimes I feel there is nothing like God, if he would be there, how could he do this to someone who is not in a capacity to do anything to help them-self. In turn the extremities may make the child grow up with a harsh character and may also become a criminal and then the whole world would look down on that person. But to an extent think of it, if right from childhood or infancy if one has to only go through pain then that is all they have seen and learned, what would you expect in such a case. One to become a saint? And then this cycle of karma for that person will be like a never ending one. You do bad now you get bad again in return. gets too complicated for me to understand.

I am sure a wise sage would help me understand how to control my emotional and mental body over these dilemmas.
I guess with the amount of questions I have, the Sage may decide to just ignore me....hahaha

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