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There are 2 sides of a coin and likewise I always believe that there are 2 ways to look at everything in the universe.
Yes anything that is too good, we always feel suspicious about it, that how can it be true, because we are living in such times where trust is the biggest issue. Time and again we have been beaten up with trust issues and it is true to a great extent, that anything that comes up as too lucrative, too luring or too attractive is most of the time filled up with fraud.


Those attractive schemes of multiplying money. Invest 10K and in a year's time you will get 10 times the amount, we have come across all these schemes and it is so luring to buy into it, and these are all big time scams. I remember when I was very young I have fallen for these type of things.
I remember once in my very young days, I had received one of those fraud mails of, I have chosen you to be my successor and I wish to pass on my heritance to you since I have no one around and that if I share my my bank details the money will be transferred to me. I was so so lured into it that I was almost sending all my details and then my hubby fired me black and blue...hahaha...and that really shows my level of ignorance then.

These luring frauds are just increasing day by day. The one biggest I got into was, which I have also mentioned in my previous post, when I had to renovate my house. The architect gave me a quote which was too good to be true, and he got me into believing that he could do up my house in less than half the cost from what other architects were quoting. And the end result was, he took some advance money from me which was almost 50% of my renovation budget and eloped. Again my stupid luring mind that fell for it.

Yes it is very easy to fall for these very attractive luring offers, which now I have learnt my lessons so well, but after many beatings..... :-)
Sometimes I feel that I am a very dumb crack, I need to be beaten up to learn things in life, until then I don't .....hehehe.....anyways more important is that I learn, even though if it is slow ;-)


But as I said there are always 2 sides to the coin, so it is not that I have not had some real miracles also happening which just seemed to be so unreal and not possible to believe.
Like I have received some very beautiful and most expensive gifts sometimes for something very very insignificant that I have done.
Last year, a lady had come to me for Reading, and it was not something too much of a effort for me, just my regular part of work, which I would not even charge.
In return she gifted me a Ganesha frame from LladrΓ³. Now this is the most expensive brand in the stuff and has some exquisite collection. I had always wanted to buy one but the price is so whooping high that I would always take a step behind, and then the same thing I get as a gift. It was like too much for me to accept it to be true.

When I got to hear of Cryptocurrency for the first time, my first reaction to it was that it's a fraud and for a very long time I believed that, it was only because of the past experiences that I had faced. I thought this was some another get quick rich fraud scheme, because the way it was going up then it was too much for me to believe. I had never seen such rise in any investments. After a very long time, when I started understanding and my son was all the time telling me about it, then I developed confidence in it to invest.

Similarly when I got to hear of Steem and the payout system I could not really digest it first, because a social media paying up was hard for me to accept. Which one does? Don't we think that the Crypto space is too good to be true and it can change our lives drastically with some smart moves. It definitely has changed mine.


Like wise many a times I have laid my hands on things that I have longed for at the best value.
Yes many a times we may fall for wrong things, but then with experience we understand what can be trusted and what cannot.
At the same time, it is good to be cautious. My philosophy is only one, it is ok if I do not gain but more important for me is to not lose out.

Anyways I would cautiously always want to give a look at anything that shows up lucrative or luring or attractive be it whatever, sometime miracles do happen and they happen with me a lot of times.

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