ecoTrain QOTW 5.3: Name five or more people that you listen to. Why do you trust them?

Five people that I listen to. Why do I trust them?


As a young girl I would always looked upto people for advice. There was one time in life, where I believed that I absolutely had no sense of doing things and I always had to take advice. And for that reason I would always had a fall back on people and did what they had to tell me. As I matured and understanding of life got better, I started getting independent, my fall backs reduced. But those people never realized that I have now grown up and matured and have a better understanding to deal with my life, then going on their advice, so they still keep telling me things and all I do is now, ignore. Because I realize that my life is mine and more then me knowing what I am going through and what is best for me, who else will know it.

How does my Trust build up on people?
At the same time, it's not even that I never listen to anyone. There are a coupe of people, who I have that faith on, to talk to and take their advice, because I understand that these ones absolutely have no ego when I talk to them and they only have my interest in their mind. For me to trust someone, to talk to in confidence and take their advice, first and foremost it is important that the person does it selflessly with no personal motives. Other thing important for me is that whatever I speak to the person it is always in full confidence.


My Son
He is always on top of the list, he is way more matured then his age and I wonder sometimes where he has all this spiritual knowledge from. It is a gift he has and talking to him is always very insightful. If I feel stuck in any matter of life, the first person I reach out to, is him and discuss with him. He may not always have the solution but he has the capability to give me some guidance and show me the path.

My Husband
He comes second, for any matters of day to day life, he is my go to point. He always simplifies things for me. Sometimes I may feel the problem is big but then once I speak to him it just breaks down and there is always a solution that he provides which just seems like there was no problem in the first place. He has a very good capability of providing solutions to any of my day to day problems and makes it so easy for me as if problem never existed. He is my Solution man always.

My Mother
She is a woman of experience. She does not talk much, her advice is always for my good. I know she loves me the most and she is always very protective about me so whatever she tells me it is just for my own good and she has no other intentions in it. She has gone through a tough life and her life experiences makes her wise enough to guide me through my life.

My Teacher
There have been many teachers in my life, but this one, who taught me Crystal Healing, she is one god sent person for me. Talking to her always makes me feel light in my heart, I always feels that her soul directly connects with mine and talks at that wavelength. She is highly psychic and there have been many times that she has told me about somethings going to happen with me much in advance. This is what bonds me to her very strongly. Much before I even started writing on Steem and Hive, she had told me that I will pursue writing full fledged and that will become one of my biggest life earning source with a good success, and then a year later I started writing on Steem, and you can see today where I am. When she had told me initially I used to think I will write a book, because that has always been my dream to write a book on Crystal Healing. Anytime whenever she gives me some advice or tells me something, I know it is directly coming from above, so there is no chance that I would not want to listen to her.

Last but not the least. As I said earlier a lot of people who I always had my fall back on and I have stopped now, they think I have become egoistic, because I have stopped listening to them. These people are also my immediate family members. But then I realize that I have built up myself in a manner now, where my wisdom is giving me all the guidance that I need, so why do I need to go, because what's best for me only my higher self knows and how can anyone else know about it. I believe it is my self-reliance and my higherself gives me the best guidance. I listen to my body, I listen to my dreams, I listen to the signs of the universe, I listen to what nature has to say. When all of these powers I can listen to so clearly, it would not be right to still keep going to other sources, who have limited capacity.


Before I also used to listen to a lot of Gurus, their speeches on YouTube, which I still continue doing it, but then I do not trust anyone of them blindly on what they have to say. Over a period of time it has also become clear, how each one of them are also pushing their own agendas and so many of them do not practice what they preach. Most of the new age Gurus lack the basic characteristics of humbleness. For me being humble is very important to trust the person.

In general I am always listening to many people around me, after all each and everyone has something to teach us, so it's not that I do not want to hear them out. Each one has gained wisdom with their life experiences and it is always good to take the good out of it and imbibe it in our life.

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