@EcoTrain QOTW #26: Name 5 positive consequences of COVID19?

As we are aware almost the whole of the world has gone under lockdown in the state of Covid-19, it's like a total halt of our lives. Something that we never imagined and expected and were never prepared for. Mass unemployment's, economic crash downs, businesses dissolving, companies filing for bankruptcy and what not and still more to come. The after effects will go a long way. The damage is huge and irreversible for many, a lot of people mental health have been effected due to a stretched lock down period, domestic violence, crimes all cases are at a rise.


While the virus had brought in a lot of turmoil, there are some positives also that it has brought in and we should never negate that part of this whole situation. Here are some of the positives that I can see happening around me;

  • Mass scale Awakening - This is something very clearly visible how people are waking up to their higher consciousness. While there are many who wish to turn a blind eye and pretend as if nothing is happening, but at a large I see people understanding the real side of this whole plandemic. There are many I see who are still not able to decide what is right and what is not, but somewhere they are looking into it, even that is a relief, because as more stringent measures come, these set of people will be easily able to decide which side to fall back on. People have started realizing that there is no external help or no super hero coming to save us, it is we ourselves who need to take actions for the our safer future. I get amazed to hear from people I never expected that this Covid situation is a complete fraud and conspiracy. And these are the set of people who are not highly educated. But the sadder part is that the highly educated people are still not waking up. In India I am seeing children of big business tycoons who have started putting up a fight against the effects of this virus that the governments are creating. The awakening is huge and that's amazing for the future of humanity.

  • Mindfulness about diet and health -By now we have all understood how much immunity plays a role in this situation, and we see around us that people are becoming mindful about taking care of their health. People are not wanting to visit Doctors, they are turning to more traditional medicines and treatments. Such a wonderful outcome of this plandemic I will say. The best one.


  • Getting Off Grid -Another one positive outcome. Here I myself was in 2 minds about how I want to go ahead in future. I was somewhere not able to let go some part of the City life, but now I am very clear in my mind and I want to get off grid asap. People have started realizing the importance of their freedom and freedom cannot be possible in the glamorous city lives. You need to let go off that to experience the real freedom of life and gladly many people are realizing this. People are now putting in a thought of growing their own food, rather then being dependent on systems.

  • Pollution levels coming down -We are experiencing a better quality air. With the lockdowns there is lesser traffic on the roads and that is helping to clear the air

  • Strengthening family values -In these times definitely people have got closer to each other. A lot of time is being spent at home with each other strengthening the family bonding. Again if you see, almost every family by now has had someone or the other who has been diagnosed with covid positive, and in these times they have come together to be there for each other. Parents are spending more time with children at home, taking interest in their online studies and other activities. Families are wanting to spend quality time together.

In these times we need to make that extra effort and intentionally create and build up on thoughts that makes us feel good and bring in comfort and smile. All of these are definitely some very good positives of the Covid 19.

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