ecoTrain QOTW #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

What lies beyond the veil no one can say with 100% surety. But yes by and large we do agree that there is Reincarnation which brings us back to human life again and again. And the purpose of it is for our Soul to keep progressing and reach to a level where we can become one with our Creator. The Creator of all that is.


But I find this Theory a little looped up or I can also say Universally flawed. If I have to understand in one Birth, I learn my lessons, I die, I am born again with a blank memory and in the loop same things keep coming back again and again to me. It gets very complex. The patterns of life continue from current and previous births and we are in a never-ending cycle. Human lives are so complex with the 5 senses that it is not possible for one to not create any karma. And once the Karma is created whether it is good or not good, there is payback time also.

For me in the first place, If the principle of Free will exist in real, I would not want to be born again., I just feel it's, enough. Specially the times that we are in and the future ones can be scarier, where humanity is almost losing its identity and we are rapidly moving towards the Machine race. I would not want to come back in such times where humans act no different than cyborgs. I would want to break myself free from this frequency trap.


But say the Universal Law pushes me to be back here on Earth again. I would want to be born in some remotest part of the world, which is cut off from technology, governments, politicians, bureaucrats. I would want to live completely off the grid a very simple sustainable life, where all that is around is nature. If I have to select my profession, I would want to be a Teacher and a Healer, where I can make some difference in people's life.

In these times, Life is teaching us many things and what looked so glamorous till now, that is the vibrant city lives have now started fading. People are realizing how important it is to stay connected to their roots, everyone wants to get back there. So, in my incarnation I might as well start my life there itself to cut off all the chaos.

That is again a different thing and a question to ponder on, if such places will still exist after 50 to 60 years down the line. But somewhere Mother Earth will also want to preserve its heritage and the so-called Living library that Earth holds within it and the Universe will for sure protect Mother Earth for this, so I still do have hope that such places will exist on Earth somewhere and I am going to be there Living my life in Freedom.

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