ecoTrain QOTW #21: My Spiritual Experiences Story

My spiritual experience story

Since the last 10 to 12 years that my journey of awareness has begun, there have been ample experiences that I have gone through, but yes there are couple of them which have left a strong impact on my life and have been life changing experiences for me, and I will like to share one of them.

This was 5 years back when I had just moved to Muscat city. I had left Mumbai city where life was at a very fast pace. There was a hefty paying job, a set life, all the possible help needed was just a tip away. And more over I was very confident with my experience and knowledge that I would get a job in Muscat.

After coming here, the scene was very different, weeks started getting into months, job was not happening. Life was complete upside down and I was a lot in a state of emotional turmoil. I was completely clueless as to what is happening with my life. Life seemed to be going nowhere. It was a time of day and night reflection. I was getting very restless because I did not know what to do with my time.

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I would spend a lot of time in Meditation, reflection, there were times when I would sit and cry for hours in loneliness. I was missing my family, my Son. Coming to terms with the new life was getting extremely challenging.

Almost 5 to 6 hours I would spend in my practices just sitting in silence, trying to understand where life wants to take me. Till the time I had moved here I was in complete control of my life and now I was feeling like it was all slipping off from my side, nothing was happening my way. I would think of something and something else would only happen.

Eventually I came to point where I came to an agreement with myself that I will just allow to go myself free. The things that started happening in my life were all towards healing, counselling. Somewhere I started feeling a lot of strength on this path, and in a couple of months I also observed that I had actually started enjoying my new life. Spending time with myself was something very new for me, spending time doing creative things was new for me. I learned many new things in Healing, like Pendulum Dowsing, using different healing protocols. I started developing a strong liking towards doing things creatively like making Candles, Incense sticks.

Moreover, I was really feeling something deep within me changing, molding me, shaping me into a complete new me. Most important was I was slowing down, I was taking more time to look at things around me, I was never in rush to do anything, I was getting more and more mindful about my life, my actions. A lot of spiritual knowledge was coming to me in all different ways, my needs started getting lesser and lesser, there was a feeling of contentment in everything around.


It was a wonderful feeling; I could start sensing my own energies clearly. The rise and drop of it was getting more and more clear to me. I was realizing that I was tangled up in so much of unnecessary things in life. Hours and hours in silence made a lot of past surface up and dissolve. Today when I look at people around me who are, where I was 5 to 6 years ago, I feel some type of pain for them. I want to tell people, slow down, look at the beauty around you. Life is so much more then earning money and just rising in positions. You really do not need much in life.

Maximum people, specially here in my own culture and this includes me also to an extent that we keep putting all our energy to earn all our lives and not spending enough time on our own self, our own self growth. We do not even spend all that we have earned in our life time, so what are we doing it for? Why do we put in so much energy in gaining things which we will not even use it in our life time.

In all my life years, I have been a very religious person, but still I have not had awareness of life at this level what this period of 6 months when I moved to Muscat got to me. And I come to an understanding that we really need to slow down in life if we want self-growth and spiritual growth. Everyone needs time for self-reflection, if not hours, some minutes of the day is a must. It will really bring us awareness at many levels.

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