Question Of The Week Season 6 #2: Stress Busting | "Entertain your body and mind"

"Stress Busting"

from @ecotrain

If you're lucky not to be infected with that covid virus. You're still not safe from the situation that the virus caused. If you can't go out and have fun there are so many things that can trigger your anxiety. Of course, you will think nothing but every reaction of your body. Like for example, you haven't walked for a week and suddenly you will think there's something wrong with your body. By that time you will think there's something wrong. Your mind will never stop thinking bad and it will create illness that isn't there. But because the power of the mind controls everything. You will feel unhealthy for sure.

It becomes stressful and it will drag you to become anxious. The brain is indeed smart but it's true as well that the brain is an idiot. Even though it knows it doesn't exist. There's a part of it that will force you to believe that it is. If this comes it's important to learn how you can fight for it. But it's not easy if you'll be alone and if you'll be in a deserted place. Unlike those who live in the provinces, they can find a companion to escape that loneliness which the situation gets worse.

Remember that these are just my suggestions if you're in the city or far from nature. Also, this for someone who lives alone and afraid to go out because of the virus.


#Social Media

In this time, find your happiness on social media. Make yourself to be entertained with funny videos, movies you love and communicate with your friends and family. The reason the TikTok app became so popular during the pandemic because of the random stupidity activities they showed. If it's not you who can entertain other people. Be a watcher or an audience just to kill time. By doing this for a short time you can forget what's bothering you. Having anxiety every smile counts to relieve the stress you're bearing.



This is not to make you fit or sexy. The purpose of this workout is to let your veins stretch out. Also, let's make some sweat to have a lighter body. A stressed mind needs exercise because for some reason those activities make your mind healthier. I have no further explanation about it why, but that's what I felt during it was me who did this.

No need to spend hours doing an exercise. 30 minutes is fine as long as you can feel to your body that you will feel awesome. I know you'll not be in the mood to have an exercise during this time of stress. All you want to do is sleep and rest but you need to force yourself or fight for it. The hard one is just the beginning after all. Just think that it's for your good and nothing else.



Thanks to my friend @chrisrice introduced myself to this meditation. Don't think I'm good about this stuff. I'm just doing it a few times but when I tried it first I felt it was working. That's why I want to recommend it as a good reliever if you're that stressed. Just think that the part of your body which is sick is your brain and meditation is for the brain.

Don't think you should know the basics of the process. Just let your brain relax by feeling every breath you'll make. It's fine if you can hear the surroundings. It's normal, we are not deaf and we are just a beginner to lose ourselves in that imagination. You will be fine as long as you will give time to yourself in silence. Forget everything and ignore everything is enough. Don't be afraid and just let it the way you're thinking.

Those I mentioned above are just some options. If you can go out and if you're surrounded by beautiful nature. Nothing can beat the presence of your friends and family. Their words are enough already to heal your stressful mind. Spending time with some random conversation will heal your mind. We all know that being not alone will make you feel comfortable and contented.

Don't underestimate the power of nature as well. Spending time with just some walking and sightseeing is the best. Even I can't tell why I have that light feeling by just knowing nature surrounds me. Perhaps the fresh air that I breathe and the peaceful views that I see are the reason.

If you still have that stressful mind. I hope my ideas can help you and I hope you will be fine. Just don't think negative and stay positive. You will be fine for sure as long as you believe in it. Don't worry too much, that only can decide how your life can be.

Thank you for reading

d' dreamboy,

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