QUESTION OF THE WEEK #26: Name 5 positive consequences of COVID19?


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Before the covid19 strikes the world. People are too busy working and thinking of their futures. Some parents don't have time for their children because of being busy to provide food and a brighter future. It's not wrong and but not totally correct. There are also those people who are in their mind is greed. They keep on building establishments that they almost forgot how important are the trees. Some people thought that even if they'll eat too much it's fine because there will medicine prescribed by doctors. There are so many things of wanting a happy lifestyle became too much and became destructive to the world.

During the covid19 threatened the world for sure no one was happy. People had no work and had no food. People weren't free to go wherever they want to go. People were afraid of course but still, I found positive on it. Thank you @ecotrain for this question of the week.
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Healthy lifestyle

When everyone in the world learned that covid19 virus will be eating the immune system in a human's body. Everyone was rushing into a drugstore to buy vitamin C but because of the demand of this medicine, it's hard to buy it. Most of the drugstores were sold out it all. But because we are human, we are capable of knowing new things. We found that vitamin C in fruits and vegetables. We kept on searching for alternatives if we never found that kind of fruits and vegetables anymore. And because of this, our knowledge expanded in learning fruits and vegetables have other benefits into our own body.

We've been eating vegetables because it's good for our body. We then decided to have a workout, not every day but at least we were stretching our body to feel healthy. We started doing meditation because being trapped in place no one could talk made us insane. Meditation was helping us, actually to me because it made my mind calmer and healthier. Remember that if you want to have a healthy body you should have a healthy mind.

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Eco-village lifestyle

A lot of people believe that being in an eco-village will help them to survive in this world of crisis. Also, they believe that nature will help them to heal their illness because they knew what's the benefits of being surrounded by nature. Although the main point of most people by living in an eco-village was food. Unlike in the cities where every food or everything we need daily should be bought. However, in eco-village was different. We can ask the vegetables and fruits to neighbours. Then we can also plant it for our own needs or if someone might ask us to have it. It's give-and-take in the village you know.
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We all know many people had lost their jobs. Some were spending on their houses but some were spending time with friends. That's why I wanted to go home because being far from the cities the lifestyle is different. People are talking and having conversations from time to time. They had no jobs so they had more free time. Although, the people they were hanging out with were those neighbours. This was to avoid contact or have a social distancing for random people.

Thanks to this, many people learned that many people cared for them. I mean actually, I received help from people I know and people I don't. They were giving me relief goods and a small amount of money to survive in that crisis. I also learned from my friends that most people in our province were sharing food from their neighbours. That way many people learned that humanity in our place still exists.
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Family lifestyle

Most of the families were united because of covid19. They were going home after they learned they didn't have a job anymore. I also heard from others saying that, "it's fine to die with that virus as long as we are in our love ones." Maybe it doesn't implement into all countries but for us Filipinos. Our home will be the last option in time of crisis. It might be hard to feed ourselves because of the numbers of the family in every household. We know that we can still overcome it if we work together and help one another.

That's why the relationship as a family became stronger. The quality of time spending inside the house made the bond grows. The laughter, the teasing and the feeling of being surrounded with family are there. Then everyone should realise how important to have a family.


Saving lifestyle
No one expected this to happen and because of it many of us kept on spending money we had from our job. We couldn't blame them because they have a job at that time. Normally, they would spend because on the day of payday money will come for sure. But because of covid19 a lot of people suddenly lost their jobs. This became their eye-opener that we don't know what will happen in the future. It's better to save money so in a time like this might come again, we hope it won't. There will be money to use and to spend even if jobs will be lost again. All we need is to ready ourselves for the worst might happen.

I'm sure all of us learned a lesson from this virus. Spend much and save a little. Even though it's just little we can make sure that in the time of crisis we still have money to use. Also, don't ever forget this happening and don't let the hardship be in vain. No one wants to experience a hungry stomach anymore.

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