ecoTrain Question Of The Week #21: My Spiritual Experiences : Share a spiritual experience or story you have had.


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Experienced change us in many ways. Sometimes in bad ways depends on what we will think the best for it. But it's just on people's understanding because they never knew what you experienced before you became a different person into their eyes. Even so, people will always judge us. Just make sure you're happy with it and there will be no regrets in the future.

Thanks for another life.

How could I forget the time I was in a motorcycle accident? There's no way I could forget it because I almost died. I cried in my dream because of being afraid that I will leave the world at a young age. Who would want to leave early when living in this world is a blessing. We all know that we can't bring our lives back if it will be taken once. That's why if I would be given a chance to decide. I would rather choose to live in this world for long. Doing great memories and leaving good deeds, so that people will still remember me when I'll be gone.



I was 17 years old back then when I first learned how to drive a motorcycle. It was a small one and it's easy to drive. Expected from my age when I saw we had a motorcycle for the first time. I immediately asked someone to teach me how to drive. I know how to balance and drive a bicycle, so according to them, it will be easy to drive a motorcycle. Half a day I learned already how to drive but not that very good in the eyes of others. Although, what I believed was different from other people said.

I thought I was really good at driving already. Then I drive fast because I loved that feeling when the strong wind washed out my face. When the time the wind started to make feel wonderful. I felt it and it made me drive fast more so I could enjoy the feeling. I was naive and foolish to think that there will be no accident to happen. I wasn't aware of the risk of driving fast because all on my mind that time was showing off and enjoyed the time while driving.


It was 12 noon at that time in the month of October. I drove fast because I wanted to watch a basketball game in the next town. I was in a hurry knowing that I might be too late. They started early and I did some errands first before going there. It was not that fast I think because from what I remember. The speed of the motorcycle was just 80kph. Maybe a little bit fast for an amateur driver like me before.

It was a curve road when I didn't make it. I was driving straight that I hit a big tree while riding on a motorcycle. I was thrown away and hit my head in the tree as well. I remember someone pulled me in the waiting shed and let me lied down there. My face was covered with blood they said because I fainted already. When I woke up I was on the hospital lying on the bed. Before I woke up actually I dreamed a life happening that I didn't want it to happen.


I was dreaming that I watched myself lying in bed. Of course, I didn't know it was just a dream but watching myself like that felt so uneasy. I didn't feel anything since I was just dreaming. Actually, I didn't do anything but only watching myself like that. I had no idea what happened next because in my consciousness while sleeping I was praying to God. It's hard to believe but there were times I was praying into my dreams. Just like when I was having nightmares. I prayed so hard that I can wake up and stopped this kind of dreams. That's what happened to me when I prayed that I hope God will not take me at that time.

Suddenly, I woke up with pain all over my body. I saw my mother crying while holding my hand. I pitied my mother and I was hoping not to see her crying like that again. I didn't get up right away but I kept on praying and saying thanks to God. I'm so thankful because of giving me another chance to live in this world. Since then I go to church regularly and became mindful of my actions. It's not too late to change since I have still a chance to do it. I will not wait for tomorrow to do it because today is different and tomorrow will be the result of my actions from yesterday.

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