Ecotrain QOTW; Season 6 #2: Stress Busting!

Stress is as easy to pronounce as it is difficult to bear. And the amount of stress has increased due to the corona virus. Many people are losing their family members. Family members are dying in front of the eyes but there is nothing to do. Financial catastrophe is happening. A lot of vaccines are being made but nothing is working. The strain of the virus is constantly changing. Everyone is sitting in the house in a great danger. And the most important thing at this time is to keep yourself calm. When there was no corona virus, we could hang out, hang out with friends, have a picnic, and spend as much time as we wanted. But now there is no way to reduce your stress for this virus. Everyone is locked in the room.


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Even then we are trying our best to reduce our stress. Stress is not a flying balloon that will burst at the slightest stab. This corona virus has caused a big disaster in our family. I lost my job for the corona virus. My older brother went abroad for higher education. He has also come home for Corona. His university is closed. We cannot go out independently. The whole family is confined in one house. We also lost many of our relatives for this corona. Now we have to keep calm even in this situation.

Because in this situation if we go out to reduce stress then we ourselves will be infected with Corona virus and through us my family and people in our area will also be infected. Which we should not do at all.

Here are some ways to reduce my stress.

I am always with my family in this corona situation. Because if you are with your family, you get a lot of energy in yourself. Never feel alone. Confidence increases. And it is very important to have self-confidence in this moment. The reason is that they are losing their self-confidence and it is taking a long time for them to recover. No need to go out unless necessary. Get up in the morning and meditate. Look at the green nature and try to match yourself with the nature. Or get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise. You will feel much lighter. Accept the current situation. Always try to be happy with the family.

There are currently many online platforms like Hive for financial improvement from which you can earn some money. I am doing the same. And I've got a lot of help from the hive in this corona situation. Which has helped me a lot to improve my finances.

Share it with your family without putting the problem inside yourself unnecessarily. If possible, get the corona vaccine.

Not just you, people all over the world are going through this time of danger. Everyone is worried about this. Compare yourself with everyone and you will see that many are worse off than you. Thank God you are still alive. Pray to God that the whole world may be saved from this danger.

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