Fish has been farmed in our pond

Hello friends, today I am going to share with you about the many types of fish that have been farmed in our ponds.


We have a very big pond. We cultivate fish in this pond every year. Different types of fish are farmed in this pond. It is suitable for fish farming because there are plants around the pond and sunlight falls on this pond which makes the fish grow very fast.


We have cultivated Rui, Katal, Japanese variety of fish in this pond, these fish have grown a lot in a month, the light air in the pond and the beautiful environment of the pond, the fish in the pond is growing fast, I feed on these fish every day and I have a lot of fish I really like the way they come forward to feed them I take a lot of care of the fish.


When the fish in our pond grows big, we come to Sirajganj city to sell these fish. There is a lot of demand for buying and selling fish in Sirajganj town. Everybody sells fish here at good prices. We sell fish here. Being self-sufficient is therefore important for fish farming.

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