QOTW - What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?

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What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?

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In last year we have see the things happened which will be remebers for years. In India the Covid19 enterd in month of February-March and afterwards in the month of April Government declared the lockdown. Initially it was for two weeks and then extened for two more wekks and it was continuing for more then six months.

If I have to face the indefinite lockdowns situation then I would like to move to my Home town which is a Village. In last year when the covid19 was at peak, we dont face any major issue in our village.

Grocery and essentials

Lets talk about the lockadown first. In my locality during the lockdown we were suppose to follow some timing if we want to move out of our home for any essential or urgent woek. All the essential shops were also open like grocery store, milk dairy, medicine stores ect. So to be true I was worried at the beginning of the lockdown (thinking that their may be shortage of goods/items), but afterwards the life come to normal. I am a house wife and living with my husband and our kid (2 yer old).
So to store all the essential items like grocery etc is in my opinion is not that necessary, but yes I would like make sure some stock must me their on my kitchen.

Daily Routine Work..

As I already told I am a house wife and mother of a 2 year old kid, so doing house hold work is my daily routine and most of the time I spend inside house only. So staying inside the house is not seams to be big problem for me (I guess so). If the situation arise that means my husband will also join me with my house chores (he will also be Lockdown with me). This can be a good opportunity for both of us to spend time together and teach our kid, involving with her so that their should not be a negative effect on her brain because of the lockdown. Its not easy to stay inside the home when you have a kid.

Mental Health

It has been observed that lockdown effects tye mental health of the people. The pople in old age and kid need more care in this situation. To keep youself mental healthy the reading, meditation and yoga are very useful. Yoga take care of our mental as well as the physical health also. If I have to stay inside the home for a long time then for sure yoga will be very helpful. The very basic asans are very easy and can be performed by any age groups. Other the yoga, reading the education books (online/offline) is also the other way to engage you mind. Books are the best friends. Reading story books for my kids also help in his growing age. I love the stories form Panchtantra and I am sure I kids also going to love those.

Family & Friends

During the lockdown we will not be allow for unnecessary travels. So physical meet with family (in-laws, Brothers, Sisters ect) and friends is not possible. The other medium to get in touch with them is mobile and internet. This will helps and make us strong when we talk with our loved onces. In todays time the world has been become so small that we can have virtual meetings with everyone. I remember the feeling, during the lockdown I use to call all my family members and friend to know the situation around them.


The cooking is my hobby and love to try new items. During the lockdown I like to prepare the new dishes and blog about them. This will surve two purposes first is my hobby and second is by blogging on Hive I xan earn some rewards also.

In the last Inlike to add that I have not talk anything about the finances or the daily necessary items we may require day to day because thatvis the area taken care bybmy beloved husband (@guurry123). Lockdown is a time which nobody wanna face again and if it happened again In love to enjoy the time with my family, love to follow my hobbies and take care of by kids.
This is my first post in ecotrain community and hope you all will like it.

Thank @ecotrain for this great initiative and @OCD and @acidyo for all the support.

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