Question of the Week #23: Blow the whistle initiative! Large corporations like Amazon should be on the wall of shame


I've been wanting to write this week's QOTW earlier, and I was thinking about what to write. I had a few ideas, some cover more recent things, others older. But after reading something here today, and something I found on Facebook, I remembered something a friend told me the other day and I thought it's more fitting to what is going on at the moment.
I know I am late writing this but I still wanted to join in and blow the whistle...

What we have here is a power grab, and a corporate 'land grab'


Not quite the way I said it but in a way it is.
Very much like most countries in Europe, and some of the rest of the world, Ireland has just gone to level 5 restrictions last week.
This time around, they make it seem like it's a little less strict than the last lockdown but it's really not. Funny enough I am still working, where last time we weren't seen as essential workers. Weird huh?

What this lockdown comes down to is this: small businesses have to close, the larger ones stay open. So yeah, it's perfectly fine to run around Tesco or Lidl, and Aldi with 50 people, touching every apple and orange with your grubby little hands, full of hand sanitizer - but it's not okay for the average little health store, or vegetable stall, where social distance is nearly a must, with or without covid, to remain open. They seem to be the most dangerous kinds of businesses.
Bad for our health.

Gyms had to close their doors once more but McDonalds is essential...

Beats me...

My insider


I have a friend who's name I can't mention to protect his...well...everything. He even had to sign a non-disclosure document.
Well, he disclosed to me.

This friend works setting up interiors for shops, warehouses etc. You know, shelving units, divider walls, etc. That's pretty much all I know about what he does.

Now, you have to understand that until last week, no one really had a clue that we were going back into lockdown. Our evil government Government refused to follow the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) recommendation three weeks ago. Nphet had urged to put us all under level 5 restrictions, and the boys in the government decided a level 3 restriction was enough.
People with their eyes wide open already knew that this was a game to mislead the public, and keep them happy, only to fuck us all with a level 5 weeks after...However, the average Joe doesn't have a clue and meekly follows the guidelines without question.

In the 5-6 weeks leading up to this, my friend was working on three top-secret warehouses, in secret locations around Dublin, for none other than online shopping giant Amazon. Yes, THE Amazon who's CEO and founder is possibly the first ever trillionaire in the world...
Like he needs it...
So the question is:

What did Amazon know that we didn't?

It's quite obvious: they knew what was going to happen, and they knew exactly when it was going to happen. The warehouses were finished just in time for the lockdown...

Not only that but low and behold: barely one week into the lockdown, only a few short weeks from December when everyone wants to get their Christmas shopping done, people are panicking. Where will they get their shopping done - and, let's face it: with all the charity shops closed, bargains can't be gotten, it's truly going to be a shitty Christmas for lots of families who can't afford Amazon prices.

And the best part is: in Ireland it still seems like we're ordering from the UK, with UK shipping prices, when in reality most of the stuff will be coming from just up the road. How is that fair?

So what is the suggestion spread all over the news, Facebook, and even the radio stations, for those who want to get their shopping done on time?

You've guessed it: buy from Amazon, because their delivery times are speedy and top notch. Right on time for Christmas.

It's, it's downright evil that small businesses won't make it through this year without going bankrupt, while huge corporations like Amazon will make a killer in revenue, while only paying pocket change in taxes because fucking Ireland is a fucking tax haven for large corporations and big pharma.


Just not for the little guy. They're all fucked.

Shame on you Jeff Bezos, for stealing Christmas away from the middle and lower class.

For sitting there on your high horse while businesses go bust and people don't know what to do anymore. Some won't even survive this, and I mean this in a literal sense...

So what to do?

Don't put more money into this man's pocket!

I know that there will be individual sellers too, and of course, they can be supported. But cancel your damn Amazon prime subscriptions. Stop buying Amazon branded stuff.


buy from the little guy that just set up an online store because he didn't have a choice.

We're all in this together.

But the large corporations are not with us.

Thank you for reading!


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