ecoTrain Question Of The Week #22 : If I could choose my next life, would I swim or fly?


There's one thing that people know about me, even if they don't know me very well, and that is that I believe in reincarnation. I do. I still have my doubts about how it actually happens, whether it's always a good thing or not, and a few other things. But that's not what we're trying to figure out here. At least not today. So let's have a look what my choice(s) would be if there was one.

A little intro into my 'live(s) experiences' 😅

About 12 years ago, I studied hypnotherapy, and NLP. This has helped me see the real me more clearly, it taught me a lot about myself but also about others, about how the world works, how several authorities use hypnosis and NLP for their own gains, etc. When I was still in the middle of all that learning back then, I read something about 'Lives between lives' regression. I was intrigued. I had always been interested in regression therapy, even though I wasn't quite sure what to believe in that regard...but interest always gets the better of me so I have to investigate.

Anyway, a little bit later, I came into contact with some of the Lives between lives practioners, and I had studied and read a couple of books...From one thing came the other, and what followed was a 4.5 hour lasting session in which I was taken - not only to past lives, but also the lives between them.
It's hard to explain...
It's basically this 'in between' is when the lessons become clearer...
Those lives, both in this, and that in another realm, where interesting, shocking, mind-blowing, and so many more.

I can't tell you I'm experienced, maybe I'm just cuckoo LOL.

But nevertheless, it made it so much clearer in this life, that anything is possible.

To swim or fly?

In certain literature, you will read that reincarnating into a 'lower life-form' is not possible. Going from a human to become a dog isn't what's happening.

I am not so sure.

The thing is, this literature is written by people, and people have egos.
See, I don't believe that animals, or even plants, are lower life-forms, or lesser beings. If anything, they may be much wiser than we are...
Maybe some of those writers, gurus or whatever they call themselves have never reincarnated into an animal...

Maybe they're not worthy...

I'd soar high in the sky...

I love all animals. I do. There are a few species of insects or other crawlies that I'm not so very fond of, but I am trying to keep it to a minor dislike, not pure terror. Terror however, will surely come when I'm confronted with a scorpion, or a centipede. My crazy mind has even thought what it'd be like to be one of those.

But yeah...NO!


I've always admired birds. Especially birds of prey.
The way they hunt, build their nests, care for their young, I'm in complete awe of those animals. However, what I adore the most, is the way they fly.
Soaring high up in the sky, over deserts, or waters, or forest land...there's something very primal, and intelligent about these birds. And then there is the fact that they hardly have any natural predators flying the skies just to get to them. Well, other than us humans that is...

So one of my choices would be the Harpy Eagle.
I've encountered one of them live, years ago in Belize. He (Harry the Harpy Eagle) was in a zoo, yes, but not the kind of zoo we see here in Europe, or the US. The Belize zoo is not about moving animals across the world, and out if their habitats to make a profit. It's all about preservation. Most animals in there were rescues, Harry was one of them.
Rescued in Costa Rica, and now cared for in Belize, Harry was hand reared as a baby. Very used to humans. But WOW, what an incredible presence the guy had. I stood there watching him, and him watching me, for about an hour and I could have easily stood there for another few.
I was hugely impressed. Their name comes from Greek mythology, Harpyja, according to the Greeks, was a half-woman, half bird monster. If you look at the eagle, you understand why it was named after that. I've always been mesmerized by Garuda, half-man, half-bird in the Hindu belief,
so being reborn as an animal like the Harpy Eagle seems like a dream to me.

I have pictures of the original specimen in Belize but unfortunately no access to them at the moment, so for this, I borrowed a photo from the San Diego zoo.


...or swim the warmest oceans?

Well, technically this is not entirely true. The creatures I am talking about are actually quite fond of the cold Atlantic ocean but can also be found in warm, tropical waters. It's not just one creature this time but two. Both are very closely related. You might have guessed it: dolphins or orcas. (Or whales of course, but those two are on top of the list hehe).

source Here they seem like best friends but in reality they don't always get along

I love them both. Amazing animals. I've seen both cousins, unfortunately the orca only in captivity. I've seen dolphins both in zoos, and in the wild. Each time I was moved beyond words, and like a star-teenager I even fought the tears once or twice...
Words can't describe what I feel when I see these super-intelligent beings.
Even just a little video of an encounter makes me happy. There is something so beautifully raw, and at the same time so spiritual about them. They are definitely spiritual beings and most likely way ahead of us. I think if we could learn anything, from any animal in existence, it's the way these sentient beings go through life. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to swim huge distances, among many of our friends and families in a pod, hunting, having fun, doing what nature intended for us? It breaks my heart to see it when they are hunted, hurt, and killed. I've always said that if I still could when the kids are all grown, I'd want to join the Sea Shepherds to protect them from predatory humans. That would be a dream. But if I never do that, well then there would always be the possibility to be one.
Who knows?

So, to fly or to swim? What do you think?

And what would you come back as if you could choose?

Thank you for reading!


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