From the Ground to the Table. Pasta With Tomato Sauce. 🍝

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Hi my friends.😊
Time to harvest the tomatoes and basil.
In the last post the tomatoes were not all ripe yet. While a few days later we managed to collect a full bowl, this time they will not be used in salads but to make an excellent sauce with garlic and a few fresh basil leaves.

So before entering the kitchen, we go to the vegetable garden to collect the amount needed to make the sauce.


The green cherry tomatoes are left on the plant which in a few days will be ready for another delicious and healthy meal.


As for basil, a good part will be frozen in order to be used next winter.
It may seem strange to see flowers among the plants but according to the so-called granny's remedy these flowers attract insects that will not damage our vegetables. I must say it is working for now.


In short, after having picked, washed and cut the tomatoes in half they are ready to be cooked.


They are also delicious raw in cold pasta, today, however, after a quarter of an hour of slow flame cooking they have become a tasty fragrant sauce.
With the heat off, some chopped basil leaves are added to the sauce.


And this lunch also went very well.


Thanks for stopping by here.❤️

-Original Content and Pictures of mine.-

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