ecoTrain question of the week: Name 5 or more people you listen to. Why do you trust them?

Trust is a vital, crucial and essential tool in life while dealing with people around you. Trust is like an egg that we treat with special utmost care such that when it falls, it is gone.

Trust is not a one-sided thing, it should be part and parcel of two persons especially in relationships and when dealing with people, there should be no reason to doubt how you trust someone because it might result to problems.

A person like me, I'd like to say that I'm trustworthy in everything I do but that doesn't mean I'm perfect, I'm working towards being a better person much more than the way I am now.

At this juncture, I'd like to appreciate the organizers of this contest for this great opportunity, I believe that we all will learn from each other and contribute immensely to the growth of this community.

There are five (5) persons I listen to and trust with all of my heart.

  • First is God: God is the author of everything in the whole world, everything is in him, He created me and you, he made everything. As a result of that, I see no reason I shouldn't listen to him. I listen to God not because I just want to listen to him but because he owns me and knows what's best for me. His ways are correct and good for each and everyone to follow.

  • Second is My Dad: Apart from God, without this man I wouldn't have been here in this world to fulfill the purpose of which I was created to fulfill. My dad is a man of God (Pastor), he has been preaching the word of God for 20 years now. He shows me the right way to go about and shows me the way of the Lord right from when I was born. I listen to his fatherly advise because he wants the best for me; each time he talks to me, his words are impactful and full of wisdom, he inspires and motivates me a lot.

  • Third is My Mom: My Mom is like a sister to me, she is my inspiration and role model. I listen to her cos she has a good motherly advise which has helped me since childhood till now. I listen to her because her words has pruned me towards becoming a virtuous woman and a God-fearing woman as well.

  • Fourth is My mentor: Asides God, my Dad and Mom, I have a female mentor that I usually run to and talk to when I have problems and questions in all facets of life. The advice she gives to me has really helped me till now especially how to grow my ministry and live a life of purpose as well as how to relate with persons around me.

  • Fifth is Myself, Me and I: No one will believe in me if I don't first believe in myself. That is why my I listen to my instinct and my heart anytime I want to do anything. As a child of God that I am, the holy spirit is always with me, teach, guide and direct my footsteps. I listen to myself because I believe I know what is right for me and I trust myself as well.


Thank you

I am @Mhizerbee.

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