Ecotrain QOTW S7.9 - Technologies That Have Positive Influence In My Life

Everyday, I make use of different technologies but I've never thought of appreciating their uses. It's almost like they're always there so I don't bother about how it would feel if I don't have them anymore until some days ago when I saw a status update on WhatsApp saying "I want to use this opportunity to thank my phone, you've been doing very well for me" and I immediately reposted the status because that was exactly how I felt too but didn't think to do it.

Just few hours from then, I saw the weekly question of Ecotrain and my thoughts ran wild thinking about all the things I've been using that I'm so grateful about. So I'll be using this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the technologies I've been using and still using up till now.



I've been appreciating my phone since some days back but I will like to share why I appreciate my phone more - What it contains "Hive, Discord, Dreemport and my crypto wallets".
These sites and apps have changed my life since I got to know about them, I've gained so much positivity from them like:

  • They have improved my communication skills
  • Improved my writing and reading skills
  • Helped me get to know people from far away
  • Earn and invest money
  • Made me more independent



This is my earphone and while I was thinking of a technology that have influenced me positively, it came to mind and I decided to take a shot of it. When I want to be in my quiet and peaceful mood, my earphone makes it easy for me especially when I connect it to a calm music from my phone. It also makes taking calls easy for me, I don't have to stress holding my phone all the time. I remember getting a new earphone just a day after I lost the one I was using, that's because I always want to have one all the time.

Power Bank And Charger


With power failure being a part of this part of the world I live in, my power bank and charger have been of great use to me and I really appreciate those who invented it and even made it affordable enough for anyone to get it for use. My phone battery isn't a very strong one so complimenting it with a power bank and a charger have been a great one for me. They has made life easy for me because I hardly have battery shut down cases and have enable me to always be online and active wherever in my phone.

Torch Light


At first, I didn't see the importance of this appliance in my room until there was a day I couldn't find my phone to use its light, I decided to get a torch light for my room and stopped using my phone light. At night when there is no power supply, this torch light brightens my room so well that it seem like there is power supply. It also helps my reading more effective and I don't have to find it hard to see stuffs I want to do in my room.

There are so may other technologies that have positively influenced my life that I won't be able to mention here but I feel grateful for having them in my life. Technologies are growing everyday and I hope it's positive influence would always be there while we try to get rid of its negative effects.

All images used are mine

Thanks for reading!!!

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