The technology that have had positive influence in my life.

It is Amazing how our lives have been made easy by many invention and technologies. And One thing I love so much about Eco train questions is that, they make you have conscious reflection on how some things play out in our lives. This week question is doing same to me.

The first thought that came into my head, after reading this week question was phone. But knowing many people may definitely be writing about it, I decided to write about how an app in my phone had been the major source of livelihood to me. I mean the uber app.

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The uber app is an app that allow the user to summit a trip request and the app connect you to the nearest uber driver that is using that app, using GPS to show the location, plate number and contact number of the uber driver after the uber driver might have accepted the trip request.

Am an uber driver. Before now, I used to be a taxi driver. When I was a taxi driver, I make less income and I buy more fuel. During my taxi driving days, I maybe running the city , burning fuel looking for passengers , and yet not get passengers and I become even more stressed and no much money to show for it. But with the uber app, am less stressed, I make more money, and I buy less fuel.

All I need to do every day, is to just have internet connection, after that, put my data on, from there I may get a trip request right from my house to go pick someone close to my house.

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The app have been very instrumental to people going to work early or late. It remove the stress of staying at the park waiting for cab. All one have to do, is to make request.

If you don't have the uber app yet, try have it, it will make your trip stress free

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