Ecotrain qotw : Actions to combat climate change

After he had finished the whole creation, he said, it is beautiful. But then, every creation was for the use and enjoyment of man. But when used, provision have to be provided to help it maintain the status quo of being beautiful and harmless to you. Otherwise, it will be harmful.

Climate change is something that must happened one day. Our effort is to make sure that when the climate change occurs, it should not be harmful to us. Our deliberate action could help us predict what the climate change would look like, considering there has been a lot of sensitization and study on the effect of our actions to the climate.


In as much as there are plenty information and research on the causes and effect of our action on the Eco system and the greenhouse effect, more is needed to be done in term of sensitization and education in regards to that. When you mention the words "ozone layer" some people are completely lost on what you are talking about. The case of the village people is even pathetic, as anything you explain to them about climate change seems not make sense to them. The government, community, groups and individuals have a lot to do to prevent negative climate change that would be harmful to man.

First, at the government level, legislations have to be made to prevent deforestation. Even though the law cannot be absolute since trees are needed for paper making and other use for infrastructures. A legislation can be made that, before any tree is cut down, there should be an evidence of two trees planted in that same location by the person cutting it. Studies have shown that, trees help to conserve the carbon that is supposed to be release in the sky thereby gradually leading to the depletion of the ozone layer. This legislation should also cover companies emitting fossil fuel into the air by their industrial activities. The government can decide to pin the issuance of licence to any of such companies emitting the fossil fuel into the air by entering an agreement to use the best available technology in conserving the fossil before the licence for operation can be given.

Groups have their on part to play, especially as the climate change will affect everyone. Groups can take up research on the best available technologies to employ in industries to prevent the emission of fossil into the air. Funds can be contributed by groups to fund the sensitization of people in village of an alternative use of renewable energy to provide heat for cooking, instead of the use of coal.

Individuals remain the most important. Because, for the success of anything, an individual have to play his part to make the goal achievable. Individuals can take it upon to themselves to plant at least two trees in every house or building they are living in. Individuals can also be deliberate, by choosing two days in a week to ride on bicycle to their their places work in the cities, by doing so, it will considerably go a long way in reducing the amount of smog and heat emitted to the air that will eventually cause the greenhouse effect and climate change.

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