Eco train Qotw: what do you need to let go of?

This week topic seem to be talking to me directly. And I thank eco train for bringing up this topic as it remind me and provide the opportunity for me to reflect positively on why and how to let go of that hurt and anger inside me.

When you come from a broken home (divorce) there are many challenges that comes with it, especially if you are young. Sometimes , either of the parent vent their anger on their children as a way of displaying annoyance with the mother or father as the case may be. And this create bad experience for the children.


And sometimes, the parents hold grudges against each other after the break up. This grudges and bitterness is sometimes so strong that they never agree on anything together and their children suffer for their bitterness.

The children may feel hurt and pain from the decision of their parents since they are at the receiving end of their anger and bitterness. The children also becomes angry and bitter with either one of the parents or both.

The parents and children of a broken home need to learn to let go of the hurt and bad experiences to move on in life. Grudges, anger and bitterness hold us captives and never allow us grow pass that experience. And we become fugitives to our past. Most decision made in anger and bitterness are bad decisions.


As parents, we need to let go of the pain and hurt that come with divorce to enable us grow. And as children we need let go of the grudges we hold against our parents for the pain and hurt they make us pass through, if we want to be better parents to our own children.

To err is human and to forgive is divine. Is one Bible verse that always remind me that humans are bound to make mistakes, and as a believer, forgiveness is an attribute of God that is necessary in the life of a believer. We forgive and let go not because we are weak, but because we are strong and won't allow anyone's wrong doing hold us captive.

I sometimes try to hop myself out of anger and bitterness by replacing the bad experience I had as kid as a result of my parents breakup with good memories I had with them. And it had been working well for me.

Letting go is a must in our life if we must grow to become better persons in life.

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