I was going through some communities in other to continue my engagement and I was able or let me say lucky to see that this kind of amazing topic for contest is still on and as the topic say we are to talk on the '5 amazing things about kids and parenting'. There are lots of things to talk on the topic but due to the fact that it is just five things to talk on, that will make me not go too far.

Am a young teenager who has not given birth before but I know alot due to the fact that I stay close to those who have young lads and I was able to see and know more things. Some of the amazing things about kids and parenting which I will first start with the kids are:

Kids doesn't have time to hate

One of the amazing things which I have seen in kids so far is that there is no room for them to hate each other because what they will always think of is how to play and no one will be able to disturb them, kids love playing with themselves like shouting around, playing with sands and most of it is playing with toys. Thinking of hating themselves won't even come to their mind because they don't have anything to loose.


kids love doing some funny play

Another amazing things about kids is that there are some childish play that if kids are not allowed to do it, they won't allow their parent to rest ,by which they will be disturbing them with crys all over the house until they are allowed to do it the likes of riding of tyres all over the Street.



This is a great part which I will also get there one day or will I say everyone teenager will get, one of the amazing things about parenting is the act of been able to endure pain for their children and also giving guide which will help the kids and mentor them to the stage where they won't be afraid to make better decisions

parents able to cater for their kids

Another amazing parts of parenting and kids is how the parent do cater for the need of the children, no matter how hard the situation of things are, parent will always find a way to satisfy their children, so that they won't be able to look out or beg from strangers.


kids do cherish each other

This is one of the part which I love most in kids, they do appreciate and cherish each other using this example like they love the good things happening to others kids and will want to do the same, like a kid having a motor toys, they will surely love it and want their parents to get the same thing for them so they can play together. There are much amazing things about kids and parenting but I will like to stop here.

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