Letting go of the past the healthy way.

As humans, the ability to feel pain is part of us and it gives us the connections as humans , It is normal for a human to feel emotional pain or physical pain whenever they feel so hurt but different individuals have various abilities to be able to handle or deal with the pains..

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When you have a kind of growth-orientation , it will make you to understand that you need to do everything possible to see that you do not allow your emotional pain to prevent you from getting healed concerning any bad situations and experiences which you have had in the past..

One of The most effective ways to deal with hurt is to learn lessons from the experience that led to hurtful moments, then after you learn the lessons you should now focus on how to create growth and move forward in your life , if you allow yourself to get stucked in your thoughts towards the past then you will not be able to have thoughts that will make you have the better future so you have to let go of the past as quick as possible...of course there will be memories of the past which is still going to be ringing on your head but you should learn to move on and never allow the past to still keep hurting your present because that will disturb your future too.

Whenever it seems that your painful thoughts are trying to overwhelm you, you just have to begin to counter it with positive thoughts or else what you will get from the painful thoughts would just be frustration and more pains....

Frustration and pains will not heal you, it will not make your future great and so there is no good benefits from it and that is why you just have to make sure that you avoid frustrations and pain and you should avoid the thoughts that can lead to it.

The pains you are feeling of course was caused by a person or a situation so it is advisable to stay very far away from the person who caused the pain or stay away from the exact situation which caused you the pain.. you need to maintain huge distance between yourself and the person or people or the situation that tried to make your life become miserable..

If you want to stop feeling the pains you are experiencing then you need to begin to focus more on yourself..
You should be fully responsible for your intentions to address your situation and how you want to handle the hurt that you experienced...you should allow yourself understand that no matter how hurt you are, your life must be better and must move forward..

While trying to handle your hurt in the right way, you have to also take it easy on the way you go about it , do not be aggressive towards yourself and your emotions , becoming aggressive towards yourself or others is not what will make the hurt to go away quickly so take is very easy on yourself and allow the healing process to occur naturally without you forcing yourself with it..

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