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Humanity has suffered a kind of shudder and this has put us in a fragile position before the enormous impact that we are living, the weight of this pandemic is felt in the heart of its people, many families have gone through the negative consequences in a direct way, in the middle of nowhere we can see a light in the distance and in that light I want to look at today.

Positive consequences worldwide generated by the COVID-19:

💚 One thing that has pleased me in the midst of this is that the population has become more supportive, kinder, more attentive to the needs of others, more open in communication, even when we are in quarantine the communication has flowed more, people feel the need to know about others, to be in contact with their families, to reach out to those who need it, and that, just that fills me with peace and hope.

💚 The population has been transformed in an intangible and silent way by the essence of the planet, without realizing it we can be transformed by others, influenced by others, damaged by others or benefited by others, and even a mixture of this can be possible, the world population has taken a certain behavior as a result of the COVID-19, without realizing this need has made him touch the deepest essence of his being, his spirituality, his humanity, and in all aspects this really is very good, a regrettable crisis that leads you to value more the human essence, to value life more, to see things from the most sublime of your being, to care for others, it is a personal transformation of world impact.

💚 The power of survival has been corroborated, the human being is a species with multiple capacities, among them the adaptation and the power to generate ideas to survive in the middle of the storm, our ancestors have already demonstrated it, and today it has been exposed, the world population has reinvented itself to solve the aspects that the COVID-19 has sharpened, the economy, the health, are examples of this, nevertheless the humanity has known to put itself by the indicated ways to generate a sustenance, giving priority to the creative power that all we have, without a doubt, we are exploring and nourishing this power. On the other hand, the population has joined the idea of sowing and cultivating, at least what can benefit their health, returning to the land, and not necessarily to the country, those of us who live in the city have invented cultivation in pots, in small portions of land, this idea already existed only now it is widely used.

💚 The environment has largely been healed, the universe is wise, sometimes it pulls on one side to adjust the other side, even when I do not know the totality of its intentions I silently keep my hopes for a better return for humanity. With COVID-19 many of the companies closed their doors worldwide and this contributed to the environmental decontamination, to the point that the atmosphere has been "cleaned" by almost 30% of carbon dioxide, improving the flora, fauna and ecosystem to which we belong.

💚 The population has increased its interest in self-learning, sometimes the force of the river drags the stones to a different area, and these stones naturally fit into the new space, so it is happening with us, we have been dragged to a certain limit, but surprisingly humanity fits naturally to its new reality, but does not conform, adapts, and in this process of change we have reinforced human values and acquired good habits, among them, self-learning, which could always be used, but the human species had become accustomed to receive, and receive, even knowledge, always hoping to learn exclusively from others, as small sips were consumed from others, now you are the creator of your own food: the knowledge that is included by your own effort, from your own perspective, although indirectly supported by others, the initiative is yours, and only yours, is your real motivation that drives you to learn new things in the free time you have.


Positive consequences on a personal level that I have experienced during the COVID-19

💜 I improved my relationship with my mother
When the pandemic started I lost my job and I spent the whole day with my mother and my son, since we lived together, and that forced me to relate more to her, besides that when I heard and saw so many deaths because of the COVID19 I felt a deep sadness for so many desolate and scattered families around the world, and it made me see that my family problems were insignificant, and I simply made a clean slate, because I am aware of how important my mother is for me and for my little son.

💜 I got a better job
I was unemployed and that had me very distressed because I had to go out to look for food for my son and my mother, I felt between the sword and the wall, impotent, many times I cried because of that situation, one day I got a friend and I told him about my pitiful situation and he helped me to get an interview for a job and I got the job, I feel lucky for that, because in the previous job I was paid the minimum wage, and in Venezuela the minimum wage is pitiful, now the pandemic led me to a better salary and more opportunity for professional growth.

💜 I teach my little boy to read
My son is only three years old but he shows an amazing ability to learn, and during the time I was unemployed because of the quarantine I dedicated myself to teaching my child the alphabet and quickly moved on to reading syllables, and after getting the job I planned a time where I continue to teach him little by little, all this has made me share more with my loved ones.

💜 I learn to play the guitar on my own
I have always dreamed of being on a stage singing and playing the guitar like Shakira, but I sing very badly so I have to settle for playing the guitar. In Venezuela, due to the pandemic, the work schedule was reduced considerably, so I download some tutorials or videos that teach me how to play the guitar and in some hours during three days of the week I practice as if I was attending a course, but I do it in the comfort of my home, because with the COVID19 I have become very creative and not only me but the population in general, that's what I have observed.

💜 I have a small garden in my backyard
For many reasons that not only refer to the pandemic but to the very situation of the country, I had to start with my mother our first small medicinal garden, because I have a small son and the medicines are difficult to get, besides being expensive, all this motivated me to plant, and with time I made the garden from which I benefit.


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