Hello friends, this is my first publication in Hive, and I love this initiative led by the communities @ecotrain, @naturalmedecine and Hive Buzz, which I feel it is appropriate to share with you a small part of my personal life related to Mental Health.


Somehow sometimes we all go through moments of mental unrest impacting our emotions in a negative way, preventing the full development of happiness and opportunities, certainly no one escapes from this, however there are scientifically proven cases where the mind suffers from some disorder, and the family and social panorama becomes cloudy.

My story and that of many in the world

Since I was a child I grew up feeling a strong fear, dread and even panic when interacting with others and even with my family, my family attributed it to shyness, I would hear them say that I was a shy child and that was as far as their effort to help me went, just words, I grew up isolated, I was distancing myself from everyone in every moment of my life to a point where I would rather sleep than be awake to avoid interaction, student life was very difficult for me, without friends, because I simply preferred to stay reading a book in class at recess, but that was just a pretext for not facing the terrible reality, trying to hide it; I always had an attitude of being an annoying girl with few words, when inside I felt a whirlwind of sad emotions, to the point that I was sweating a lot, my hands were shaking and I felt physically uncomfortable, and I didn't even know what gestures to make when I felt observed, it was a whole journey, ... A bad situation I saw in front of me as a result of my emotions and interpretations of reality, or rather, of the reality I thought I was seeing.

I feel that I lost very good opportunities to progress and advance, because of this disorder, which over the years I discovered that it is Anxiety Disorder, and I really do not wish it to anyone else, ... So I spent part of my life until I recognized that I had a serious problem and did not deserve it, and it was my will after many years that took possession of me and fought the battle against the reality that prevailed in my being, I clung to the idea that I am worthy of the gifts of life, among them; the people around me, I was simply missing out on all the beauty of interacting with others, ... sometimes I read great stories of men and women who have escaped from very cruel realities and I feel immediately identified with them, because I confess that I felt terribly alone, and that is very cruel having so many people on the planet.

The things I decided to do to improve

▶️ I was looking for interaction with others before they sought to talk to me, that made me feel brave, and therefore I was already on the right track, I started with very simple things (now I see them simple): I asked the time, the address of some store, I looked at the people around me.

▶️ When I felt the desire to lock myself up because of the presence of other people, I would get up the courage and go out, at first I didn't talk but I was sitting there (scared) with the group and that meant a lot to me, after a long time I was making short conversations, and so I progressed, until today I enjoy talking with others as much as possible. This strategy was the one that cost me the most, because there were so many things going on in my mind, but when that invaded my mind I concentrated on thinking that I deserved a better future and I got back up my courage to continue.

▶️ I helped myself with encouraging phrases, at all times I tried to fill my mind with positive phrases to change my mental paradigm and replace some thoughts with other optimistic ones, every time I could. The constancy makes the difference: I deserve a better future, you are a talented and capable woman, ... I am more than what I perceive of myself .

It is hard to suffer the Anxiety Disorder or any other, this prevents you from personal growth and happiness in its greatest expression.


Are the current work alternatives of benefit to those with anxiety disorder?

Nowadays people work a lot from home using the opportunities that the Internet offers, and that is good to a great extent, because the person who suffers from this disorder finds it difficult to fit in at work (outside), communication is transcendental in everything related to the good performance of the work, and this person, not knowing how to interact, rapidly increases the level of unemployment, but with this type of work through the web, his economic progress is facilitated, and that is very good. And their social progress? The interaction is less in this type of work, the communication is almost null, which represents a No - Progress in terms of one-to-one interaction, and that is sad.

I am always careful not to repeat the same mistakes of the past and that is why I study the options that are presented to me, in order to keep my mind healthy.

I am aware

I overcame a disorder that made me cry for many years and I recognize that it is not easy to overcome it but if possible, .... It is possible, the will and self-esteem play an important role, you just have to dream of a better future for you, visualize it and make every decision you make allow you to touch more and more that dream.

If you feel that you cannot cope with this alone, seek professional help, ... Take the first step that the other steps will be taken spontaneously.


To participate


I hope that my story will be a breath of hope for some people with this disorder, ... Until the next publication.

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