Climate science and interconnected dialogues key to seal global deals


Greetings dear readers, writing about climate change probably does not have the necessary support, this because it is usually a trite topic to which few if anyone gives due importance.

When I say that few give it due importance, I mention it in this way because generally, even though for decades the scientific community of ecologists has been warning about the clear environmental deterioration, modern society does not end up taking corrective measures to balance the use of natural resources.

This unfortunate situation reveals that modern society does not prescribe any real interest in balancing the use of natural resources, which tends to stop the constant climate change and its devastating actions that have been doing so much damage in most regions of the planet.

Now, in spite of all this, the environmental scientific community has not ceased to insist on socializing corrective actions, with the clear objective of facing the challenges of the next century, reflecting the fact that climate science is trying to bring its message to all the people of the world.

Source / Author: Geralt, 2019

Therefore, citizens should have the same access to the information that environmental researchers have been sharing with international organizations in order to promote climate action on a global scale.

Hence, despite the prevailing passivity, society needs access to repositories of key interconnected dialogues to seal global agreements and thereby advance our understanding of the world around us.

Faced with this reality, the United Nations recently decided to initiate climate science dialogues in the midst of the extreme conditions that some regions of Europe are experiencing as a result of the consequences of climate change, which has claimed the lives of thousands of people.

It should be noted that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel has given instructions to begin preparing a report on the historic floods, heat waves and droughts that have hit Europe in recent weeks.

Although this report is intended to endorse a previous climate science report, it is a major step towards outlining a pathway that can then be presented at an international summit to seal real global agreements.


āžŠ Climate and Environment UN climate science talks open amid heatwaves, floods and drought. Link


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