My Father Grew Radishes Of About 3.5 Feet In Length In A Completely Organic Way

My father grew a radish about 3.5 feet in length

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Friends, today I am going to talk about a radish grown by my father, whose length is about 3.5 feet, that too without any chemicals, it has been grown completely by organic farming,

it takes about 2 feet to grow so big. It takes 2.5 months. , my father lives in the village, i am in the city, still he brings me all the organic and fresh vegetables of the village which are grown by him himself, we do not do the business of vegetables as our main source of livelihood is my Father is a government employee and whenever he gets time, he gives time to the fields, still a lot of vegetables are grown by him in our farm.

This is the vegetable that my father has brought for me from the village.

He is not a farmer by profession, yet he has a lot of experience in farming, he does all his farming work himself and I told you in the previous post also that he has planted about 50 types of flower plants.
We never buy green vegetables from the market, we grow vegetables at home, that too in a completely organic way.
Even today a lot of green vegetables have come for me, in which capsicum, beans have arrived, capsicum is my favorite vegetable, so they bring for me almost every week.
Their name is also printed in our local newspaper for growing such a huge radish and we grow and sell around 2-3 tons of vegetables every year, we give them to the people who need them.
As you know that these days many types of harmful chemicals are used in the vegetables found in the vegetable market, which causes many diseases related to food poisoning, because of this father always prefers home grown vegetables.

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