The power of attention and our emotions..

As humans , we will have so much things that we go through in our everyday lives , we will have our frequent thoughts , different worries , challenges , tribulations , trials , dissapointments , heartbreaks and any other kind of negative feelings or situations which can be attached to life..

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The way people handle those kind of situations do vary from one person to the other , some people can handle it easily while some people find it very difficult to handle the problems , some people can handle it by just communicating and getting the right attention from people , while some will need a very quality and consistent attention from those that care about them , but the fact remains that getting the proper ATTENTION is very vital in dealing with life problems , attention solves alot of things..

Getting the right attention from the right people goes a very long way in helping us to stay happy and defeating our problems , some people are still battling with so much problems because they are not getting the right attention which they desire or ought to be getting , those that are supposed to care for them are not even giving them enough attention that will motivate them to express their feelings and tell them whatever is bothering them..

Many people got into depression when they do not get attention most especially from those that they love and was expecting more from them , what some people need to just feel good about themselves is to just get good attention from others , the attention makes them feel loved , it makes them feel cared for , it makes them become more motivated to believe that they will overcome any kind of challenges which they are experiencing..

Many relationships got broken when the partner or partners are not getting the right attention which they desire .

Attention is powerful ,attention comes with a power that could make us feel better whenever we get the attention , the attention can be like a recipe which makes us get the happiness which we deserve to have..

Never underestimate the power of attention , attention can solve alot of emotional and psychological problems , you need to give attention to others if you really care about them and their lives , they need your attention and care , your attention can heal their soul , never be shy to give them the attention which they desire from you , giving them the required attention is a great way to make our society a better place, it is a great way to put smile on their faces..

Attention have a way of having effects on our emotions , depending on the kind of attention we get , the effects on our emotions could be negative and it could be positive , it depends on the kind of attention that we get , getting the right attention is the most important thing , when we get the right attention it makes it easier for us to be able to handle our problems , when you give attention to others too it also makes it easier for you to be able to assist them on solving their problems..

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