EcoTrain QOTW Season 6: PRIORITIES

Does it feel like everything is important and needs to be taken care of? Do you need an extra hour to achieve your goals?

When l decided to join this platform, the thought of being a newbie threatened to send shivers down my spine. The shivers still came but it didn't stop me.

It's not that l didn't trust my writing skill - I know my onion. I also know that time is needed for anyone to learn the ropes but l didn't have the whole day for it. l was already involved with other activities which were taking much of my time.

Do you know how l learned the ropes amidst all other activities that were begging for my attention?

That is what this @ecotrain question of the week is all about.


I decided to do what l do best in such scenarios - outlining PRIORITIES.


Just so you know, anything that is seen as a priority is often given prior attention. The priorities we have

I tend to keep my priorities simple and they are as follows;

Personal Growth And Development:
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This is something I've been doing since 2019. I often spend a lot of quality time and resources to learn and acquire skills that are connected to the life l want to live. I'm a dreamy person - so they said, but l don't want my dreams to remain a dream forever. I'm working towards making my dream a reality.

Most of the things I've been doing till today are connected to my dream and I'm happy about that. The reality is not far from my reach.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you are to choose either family or any other thing? I can't speak for any other person but, Family will always get a nod as far as I'm concerned.

As destiny would have it, l was welcomed into this world as the first child in a family of five children. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with my family but it didn't make me less of a family guy than any other person out there.

I always think about the effects my action would have on my family so, this thought guides all my decision making. I have them at heart in everything l do.

I'd believe that "blood is thicker than water" but the people l count as a family is not only limited to my bloodlines. I've changed people's designation from strangers to friends and then, family and l treat every one of them as such.

l won't be blabbing about how much l value my family but my action often speaks where l lack the words to do so.


Other things that book a spot in my list of priorities are;

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  • Spirituality
  • Financial Buoyancy
  • Investing In People
  • Self Care


I always try to remind myself that l can't get more than 24 hours in a day. This is why l allot time to everything l do based on my priorities.

The goodnews is that l have been a better time manager since l understood the importance of setting priorities. Everyone need to seat themselves down, think deeply and outline their priorities.

Thanks For Not Missing Any Full-stop Or Comma

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