Blog #35: Tree Planting @ Buhisan Dam, Cebu

How much do we care Mother Earth?


Hey Hivers!

Our Elementary teachers taught us the importance of trees in our eco system, right? But have we seriously planted that learning in our mind? Have we take care mother earth?

I was selected in our Section to support the tree planting activity in the company. This is a yearly activity and this tree planting activity that I was participated with was happened long time ago (the time when I was still connected in that company). I always love to get involved activities such as coastal clean up, mangrove planting, tree planting and etc.

Behind us is the Buhisan Dam. The buhisan dam was surrounded with many trees however, according to the organizer, the trees grown around it are not helpful to maintain the dam especially during summer. The roots of that particular trees are constantly sipping water.

The in-charge of the tree planting activity in the company (where I worked with before) coordinated with the government agency. The government agency in-charge will be the one to choose the area where tree planting activity must be held and they assigned us in Buhisan Dam.

According to the in-charge, we need to add trees in the area, it should be the kind of trees that appropriate to the area. I forgot the name of the tree that we had been planted.


From the main road, it was a long hiked going to the area where the tree planting was held. Prior to this activity, we required to wear a comfortable socks and shoes and bring an extra shirt with us.


Although we were already exhausted but we were still able to took photograph under the trees. By the way, the organizer provided us gloves for our safety. They were also conducted briefing before we were deployed to our assigned area. They were always concern to the safety of their employees. That's great, right?


We were headed to our meeting place where the final briefing was conducted. But while hiking we were tempted to had a photograph.


They installed an improvised tent in our meeting place for our belongings. After the activity we ate and relax in this place.


It was such an exhausted day but very fulfilling. Everytime I planted a seedling, I asked myself, would it grow healthy?

I hope all of us will take care of our planet. Let's help save the planet for the next generation. Let's throw our garbage properly, let's start to use recyclable materials instead of plastic and let's continue planting trees. It was just a simple act, but it is helpful. Maybe it is not too late, together let us save our planet.

If you are from Cebu and are devoted to organize an activity to save our planet, just give me a beep, I am willing to do a collab with you.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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