QUESTION OF THE WEEK #26: Name 5 positive consequences of COVID19?


Every thing has two sides. One is good and the other is bad.Currently coronavirus, the name of a panic. The whole world is suffering from this panic. Every day we see news of thousands of deaths or attacks in the newspapers or in the news.
The current coronavirus epidemic has such bad aspects. There are also good aspects for us.

In my opinion, there are five positive consequences for us in Covid-19 virus...

1. When going out of the house, wear a mask all the time


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Whenever we go out on the street, we wear masks at the present time. Usually at present we wear masks for fear of coronavirus.

But we needed to wear it all the time. Because when we go out on the road, dust or bacteria can harm us. Moreover, to protect ourselves from polluted air, we needed to wear masks all the time. However, we now wear masks due to coronavirus panic. This is a positive thing.

2. Wash hands regularly with hand sanitizer


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We wash our hands regularly due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Whether it is due to fear of getting infected with Corona virus or due to awareness.Now we wash our hands regularly. If we examined our hands with a microscope, we would see millions of bacteria in our hands.
We often ate light food without washing our hands. Due to which we were suffering from various diseases. But due to the current corona virus we wash hands made with hand sanitizer. Which is a positive work.

There is a saying that people can do everything when they are in danger. We are doing a lot now. Which was not a habit before.

3. Giving more time to family members


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Every family, husband or wife or child, complained of not giving each other time. But now there are lockdowns in many countries due to the coronavirus epidemic. And during that time we were able to spend time together with our family members. Moreover, even if there is no lockdown, due to the fear of the virus, I can return home early without spending much time outside. And I can give enough time to other family members. Due to which our relationship with all the members is getting stronger. And the bond of love for all is growing.

4. Extending a helping hand to the helpless poor of the society

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I really liked this topic during the virus. People are for people. I almost forgot this word at one time. But during the lockdown when many helpless poor or workers could not work. Or could not buy necessities. Then many rich people lend a helping hand. They even buy rice, pulses or other necessities and distribute them among the helpless poor.Which is a really admirable thing.

5. Learning to think about the future


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It is true that we fall into our present. What will ever happen in the future? We don't think about that. Due to which, we are in danger in many areas of life.But the current situation has taught us to think about the future.

When Bangladesh was given a lockdown, many people fled the city and started coming to the villages. Because people don't have jobs, they don't have money, they don't have money to rent a house and to survive in an expensive city. So many have left the city and moved to the villages. Because they had no savings.

Most of us do not think about the future. We do not store anything for the future. Due to which, we get lost in the slightest danger.
So the current coronavirus has taught us to think about the future.

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