Life means success and success means misery

Life and success are two words we like very much. Because we always love our lives the most and like love we always want to achieve success. That means we want to succeed at every stage of life. But in some cases success brings misery to our lives.

In all cases success is not for us. It is true that we need success because life without success is dark. Failure to succeed puts us in despair. We always strive for success and may not succeed. The sting of failure always haunts us like a mental patient. We also have no choice but to succeed in establishing ourselves or presenting ourselves to everyone.

In fact, many people try to be successful in the present, either legally or illegally. In the political situation in third world countries like ours, a politician has to resort to various lies to succeed. He succeeds in taking refuge in lies. Although he was relatively successful, it was his success that brought misery to his life. Because power is not eternal. And success based on lies or illegitimacy is never permanent.

To give another practical example, militant attacks or militancy or terrorism often increase in different countries. Different types of forces were formed to suppress them. Although that force was once successful, many misfortunes befell them. It has been seen many times that the members of that force are involved in various misdeeds while trying to suppress terrorism. Or many people are killed indiscriminately. Which is out of justice. That success may seem like a success, but it is not.


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In the present situation in our country, to complete a high degree does not mean success. I think this success in a country like ours also brings some misfortune for them. Because there are a lot of job seekers in our country. This means that many more postgraduate students enter the job competition with their certificates. But the number of job vacancies per year very low. But if he could not succeed there. He can't show his face in the society. Or he can't do anything like everyone else if he wants to. While his higher degree may seem like a success, it seems to him a cause of great misfortune. For a country with a large population, some successes lead to disaster. Because when a person with a high degree does not get the job according to his choice. Then the success of that certificate faded away for him. At every stage of life there are some successes that are not really successes. Because that success brings misery to our lives.

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I am Md. Kawsar Hasan. I am Bangladeshi and proud to introduce myself as a Bangladeshi because I love my country so much. Because this is my motherland. I am engaged in the teaching profession. When I can teach my students something new, I have a different feeling. I also like to learn and do something new every day, I like to mingle with new people and like to learn something new. I always think of myself as a student of nature. Because we have a lot to learn from nature. I just try small to learn. I love to travel. A lot can be learned from nature through travel. Love to learn and write. I have been trying to write since I was a child and that is why I often fall behind in writing. I try to respect people. I think if you respect someone, your self-esteem does not decrease but increases.

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