ecoTrain Question Of The Week 5.3: Name five or more people that you listen to. Why do you trust them?


We live in groups in our society. One is dependent on the other for the sake of necessity. We often have to trust on known or unknown people for various tasks. Although we are often deceived by that trust. Even then we have to have faith in people.I like a quote from Abraham Lincoln about trust. The quote is:

It is dangerous to trust everyone, but it is even more dangerous not to trust anyone. - Abraham Lincoln

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So let's find out who I listen to and why I trust them.

1. My Mother

My mother is my best friend. I share everything with my mother about anything. She happily supports me and gives me various suggestions. Which I always try to observe.My mother loves me very much. She does not give me any advice that will harm me. She always wished me well. I have shown since childhood that she used to try to keep me well even though she was in a lot of trouble. So I feel comfortable listening to my mother and easily believe in anything she does.

Honestly listening to mother and why trust her? There are thousands of reasons for this. That reason does not need to be explained. Because I think it's best not to compare anything with my mother.

2. My brother


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There are many relatives who break trust and cheat. Again, there are many relatives who dedicate themselves to their loved ones.

My older brother has devoted himself to me all the time. After completing my HSC, I decided that I would not continue my studies. But he showed interest in continuing my studies. Initially I listen to him and trust him. Moreover in my personal life he gives me some advice and I try to listen to it often and I fully trust his advice.

Moreover, I have noticed in many cases that he does not give me any advice that will harm me in any way. Rather, it is my profit or good in that work.

3. My Wife

Husband and wife have a sweet relationship. Sustaining a relationship requires trust and love for each other and listening to each other.

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Husbands and wives need to understand each other well and listen to each other and have faith in each other in order to maintain the relationship in domestic life. Because in the absence of these the relationship is not strong. Then you can stay under the same roof but you can't stay in the same mind. Then the relationship can be broken at any time.

I listen to my wife. The reason is that when I give her any kind of advice or forbid her to do anything. Then she refrains from that work. She even believes in many of my works. So I try to listen to her and trust her. Moreover, love is strengthened by trusting each other and listening to each other.

4. My Friend

Outside of the family, the most trusted relationship is that of a friend. Life is useless without friends. The friend who is closest to you on the day of danger is the friend. There are some exceptions though.

I have some friends in my life. Whose contribution can never be given. I have a best friend who has witnessed many of my events. He has always inspired me to move forward. He is my companion of many joys and sorrows. There have been some incidents in my life that that friend knows and it has been limited to myself and I have never told anyone about it.Which is why I listen to him so much and trust him so much.

5. My Teacher

The only person who can be trusted after the parents is the teacher. Because the teacher is the second parent.

I trusted one of our teachers the most and listened to him. His name is Professor Syed Ahmed. He is my university teacher.

Who always spoke motivationally during his lectures and inspired all the students to move forward. Once on the Viva Board of Honors Final Semester when External started to frustrate me on various issues. Then this teacher of mine started getting angry with External. Because External was a little crazy type. He inspired me and gave me directions.

He would give some practical advice to all the students. Never let anyone down. He always inquired about the good and bad of the students. He would give us some advice or talk that we would all listen to and trust him completely.

6. Myself

I talk to myself from time to time. It may sound ridiculous but it is very real to me. I often try to listen to myself. And I try to believe in my work. Because if you don't have faith in your work, you will not get success in that work. So let's try this tiny all the time.

One thing is for sure, if you don't have trust in your work. Then how can one expect others to trust in that work. So I try to listen to myself and trust in my work.

People cannot walk alone in this world. Someone has to depend on someone. Someone has to trust someone. A man breaks trust. But one day he began to trust someone else. That's normal. Because not everyone in life, at least one or two people have to trust. The two have to depend on one person.

Thank you all for reading my article and for spending your time.

Much Love And Best Wishes To All


I am Md. Kawsar Hasan. I am a Bangladeshi. I feel very comfortable to introduce myself as a Bangladeshi. An assistant teacher by profession. A writer intoxicated. So I feel very comfortable writing content on different topics. It’s great to know the unknown and learn something new. Love to travel.
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