Again panic , Again Bangladesh running lockdown ! Advantages and disadvantages of lockdown!


The Corona virus seems to be getting worse as time goes on. The death march is getting longer. The number of victims is increasing every day. People have become helpless. Which has become a really terrible thing. So again in Bangladesh a record number of deaths are happening every day and the number of victims is also increasing day by day. So the government has announced a lockdown for another week after many days.

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Panic has started again among the people. There are reports of known and unknown people being attacked from all around. Hearing which is creating panic in the mind. At present, the whole world, including the whole world, has become vulnerable to the corona virus epidemic.

Two days ago, a teacher at my university was infected with the corona virus and was fighting to the death at home. Fifty to six percent of his lungs are affected. Which is really sad news to me. Because he was now a trusted name of employment to thousands of young boy or girl.

The death toll in Bangladesh last year was a maximum of 50 to 52 people. But now the number of deaths due to corona virus is around 70 per day. Even the number of victims is 1 to 2 thousand more than last year. So the government was forced to declare a lockdown for 1 week from last Monday.

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Advantages of lockdown!

I think the main advantage of lockdown is to create public awareness among the people. Because Bangladesh is a populous small country in South Asia. So it is very important to create public awareness among the people first. Because lockdown white people are not so aware. It became normal as before. Even people above 80 percent do not wear masks when they go out. The sight of maintaining social distance between five thousand people is eye-catching!

Another great advantage of lockdown is that you can spend time at home with everyone in the family. Because at other times we are far away from them because we are busy with different things. Even though we are sitting at home, we are terrified. Even then I get a lot of time to spend with all the family members. As a result, the relationship with them is stronger.

Disadvantages of lockdown!

The coronavirus epidemic began in the midst of human panic and the loss of relatives and loved ones. And to deal with that situation, the governments of all countries have announced major lockdowns. As a result, people have become helpless day by day. Because many are losing their jobs, some are losing business, or many are not getting what they need. So there is no end to the inconvenience.

The ones who are suffering the most in the lockdown are the very low income people especially the workers, rickshaw pullers. Moreover, many employees of the bet company have lost their jobs due to this virus and have become completely unemployed and are living a helpless life. Because during these times the private companies are closed or they have to cut their workers to reduce their losses. Moreover, low-income people such as rickshaw pullers or workers cannot go out to work. As a result, they have to live a life of helplessness. As a result, people are leaning towards illegal activities.

Many are facing serious business losses due to lockdown operations or business shutdowns. As a result, they have to close down their business as a result of many losses. They are losing everything and running from town to village. The education of the children has come down to zero. Many private school, college and university teachers have been unemployed for a long time and many are working as laborers due to shortage of teachers. Which is really very sad.

Last Word

Honestly, we don't want the benefit of lockdown. I want the lockdown to go up forever. Let the world return to normal. Let the life of the people become normal again. Don't panic, so that we can all live safely in a healthy world again. Let our world be healthy again. That is why we need awareness the most. Need to stay safe, stay alert and stay healthy.

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