QUESTION OF THE WEEK: STRESS BUSTING | Lockdown Seperated me and My Family ( The Most Stressful months of My Life )


Hi everyone , I am Kahkashan from Delhi , India. Today i will going to discuss about the QOTY by @ecotrain i.e Stress Bursting.

Last year during the pandemic situation when entire world was going through lockdown I also faced one of the most difficult time of my life.
Just 10 days before the lockdown my mom went to her hometown for somework. she was scheduled to come back on 30th march 2020 but by then the entire nation was locked up in lockdown.

So she was stuck in her hometown alone and me and my younger sister was stuck at our place all alone.



This was the very first time that we were left alone without our mother. my father works in Dubai so he was also away from all of us. It was a situation that we never thought of facing in our life.

many weeks passed , lockdown was still implemented and we were away from our mother and sister. To be honest I was really broken as I felt so weak without my mother. But there was no way to get out of this situation.

I remember that my sister used to ask me about what has happened to this world ? when will our mother come back ?

All these questions made me sad and broken. But as i was the elder sister i cant see her in that state of mental health. I myself was very upset but I have to take care of my sister because thats what was my responsibility as a elder sister. so let me tell how i was able to live those months somehow.

How I lived all those days ... ?



To be honest i literally saw no way to fight this hard time of my life and if it wasn't my mother i would have quit and lost to this hard time. So my mother became our strength even from so far she was with us all the time.

She use to motivate us and tell us that everything's gonna be ok , and yes thats all gave us the reason to fight and live until the day we meet our mom again. I know people meditate , excercise , do yoga etc to stay positive but in our case we was not in a state to do all this.

There might be people who must have gone through this hard time easily by different ways but for me and my sister the only thing that keep us moving and fighting was our mom. we use to talk to her three times a day on the cellphone. our dad also use to call us twice a day.

And believe me they both make their presence felt even after being so far away from us. So at last I would like to say that I am really thankful to god that I am blessed with such strong parents and without them I am nothing. So respect your parents everyone and take good care of them because when there is no way to fight difficult times of your life , your parents becomes the solution to any problem of your life.

Thank You

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