Why people insult you How to react when someone insults your personality

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Whenever someone insults us, sometimes it is his fault, not ours and our fault is that we don't stop people, we don't break down, no one said anything, we listen to it, we ignore it like this. Slowly, the person in front gets used to insulting us and tolerating our status, whenever they are venting their frustration, they turn to us. If you don't take care of your selfie, why should anyone else The first thing is that it stops people from starting themselves. You can stop them in their tracks. Once they get used to it, it's hard to stop. When your equipment starts burning, you try to put it out.

Now the simplest and most effective way to stop such people is to share your field with them. This thing is not good, I feel bad, I am sad, don't talk to me like this in the future. Tell the person who will do this a couple of times, then he will stop insulting you, that it happens that when you are talking, someone interrupts you and starts talking and you are left looking at his face. It's a big deal with this setting. Sometimes it's ok, but if someone does it again and again, you're banned from me. Don't let me do that. Let's talk. If he insults you, stop him and do not speak. And then you said everything and you immediately forgave him and acted as if nothing happened. If you do that, people will start taking you easy and keep insulting you.

If I say anything to him, Iman will go, it is good for him, that's why the trust should be forgiven, but if someone makes it a habit and does it again and again, then talk to such a person that I want to ask you. I don't like what you've done to me and then distance myself from the person until they change their behavior. Anyone asks you to do something, you get supporters to please me, you don't know how to speak, you are angry with people, you can't refuse me, but the factory is that you don't listen to so many people.

You can't please everyone, that's why you have to listen to people's words, so both of you should learn to speak. Whenever you have a bad influence, you are killed by someone's attitude. Get out of this thing quickly and don't bother me. Don't stay and it will happen. Talk to the person in front and tell them that you feel bad about what you have decided. Sometimes it happens that the person in front does not know if you are angry and you make a face. They are sitting and getting worried. He said this to me. Therefore, whatever it is, you carry this burden instead of being a part of the oppression of others
If there is a small issue, it can be resolved by talking.
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